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Experts know Amethyst for its incredible beauty and powerful healing abilities.

It’s wonderful hues of deep purple and lavender are truly mesmerizing. This article focuses on the purest form of this amazing stone – raw Amethyst.

As with all other crystals and gemstones, Amethyst’s benefits extend far beyond just its beautiful appearance. 

But first, a word of caution. Be careful to purchase only high quality Amethyst, as lower grades can be dull and less beneficial.

For each type of raw Amethyst product discussed below, we have included links to the best available products in terms of quality and price. 


One of the reasons so many people cherish this stone is that it possesses many benefits. 

From providing protection to enhancing clarity of mind – Amethyst truly does it all. Here are just a few of the many benefits that Amethyst possesses. 


In essence, Amethyst is a stone of protection. It’s ability to shield one from negative energy patterns is one of its key benefits.

Amethyst acts as a sort of “force field”, creating a wave of purifying energy around one’s body.

Moreover, this benefit is even further enhanced when you wear Amethyst on your body, or you carry it around in your pocket. 

The vibrational frequency of this stone makes it an excellent detector of negative intentions.

Importantly, these negative intentions are not always external. Sometimes, we can get caught up in unproductive or harmful patterns of thought.

Thankfully, by keeping raw Amethyst nearby, we can protect ourselves from those who would wish us harm. 

Amazingly, amethyst is also said to be able to guard against psychic attacks, or other threats. This beautiful stone is truly special indeed.


Amethyst is very closely related to the crown chakra.

In essence, this chakra connects us to the universe. This way, Amethyst can be seen as a stone of guidance.

(Also, be sure to check out this guide to opening your chakras using crystals!)

When we are closely aligned with the energies of the universe, we are able to see things more clearly.

Overall, being able to see things accurately and objectively gives us the presence of mind to act effectively.

We can make the best decisions, and avoid pain and heartache. Therefore, Amethyst serves to guide us along our life path.

Its power gives us clarity of mind, and in turn, we can see what truly matters in our lives.

Basically, its like a spiritual compass. By trusting in its power, we can refine our intuition and connection with the universal consciousness. 


One of the most notable benefits of Amethyst is the promotion of wisdom. We all know that being wise is more important than only being knowledgeable. 

Have you ever felt the feeling of being stuck with a problem you know you should be able to solve?

Ware each intelligent in our own way, but channeling  our intelligence when called upon is not always easy for everyone.

Impressively, some people can just instantly solve a problem on the spot.

Unfortunately, when others are watching and the pressure is on, some of us freeze up.

We get nervous and embarrassed as others think we are less capable than we truly are. 

By bringing Amethyst into our lives, we can begin to change that. Amethyst has an amazing ability to transmit our hidden knowledge and creativity.

In essence, it allows us to take what we know deep down, and apply it to new and difficult problems. 

1. Raw Amethyst Clusters

In its simplest form, raw amethyst comes in wonderful shimmering purples clusters. These pieces, varying in size, are perfect for the home or office.

By placing clusters of raw Amethyst within your space, you allow its exceptional properties to permeate your surroundings. 

Moreover, a larger sized piece of Amethyst in every room in your house can turn your home into a wonderfully protected space.

After you place some raw Amethyst clusters around your space, you will immediately notice the benefits.

Your space will be transformed with peaceful, tranquil energy. Not to mention 

Raw Amethyst Clusters For Sale

These beautiful pieces are sure to add protective energy to any space!

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2. Raw Amethyst Necklaces

Probably the most popular way to carry Amethyst around with you is to wear a raw Amethyst necklace.

By wearing Amethyst around your neck, you ensure that its extraordinary powers can surround you at all times.

Therefore, wearing Amethyst around your neck is a great way to maximize its effects while using a smaller quantity. 

Its no wonder that expert healers, wiccans, and gurus of old favored wearing an Amethyst necklace for protection. 

Raw Amethyst Necklaces For Sale

These stunning necklaces add a sense of elegance and strength, along with their powerful aura enhancing properties. 

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3. Raw Amethyst Geode Spheres

Just like clusters, Amethyst geode spheres are exceptionally beautiful. There roundness symbolizes balance and symmetry.

Meanwhile, the sharp jutting edges and internal structures symbolize the unpredictability of life.

In essence, through this balance of opposing forces, we can see that the Amethyst geode sphere is a beautiful representation of life itself. 

Typically, one might display a geode sphere as a stunning centerpiece.

Few can look at a geode sphere without a high degree of admiration. There is something deeply harmonious about a jagged purple crystalline center erupting out of a smooth shimmering sphere.

Raw Amethyst Geode Spheres For Sale

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4. Raw Amethyst Keychains

What better way to carry around your Amethyst than attached to something you take everywhere!

This is often a preferred alternative to having a small piece of Amethyst in your pocket.

For one thing, small stones can easily slip out of your pocket without you noticing.

Also, it can be hard to always remember to grab a piece of Amethyst before leaving the house.

By attaching it to a keychain, you can access its healing properties on the go, without having to plan ahead. 

Raw Amethyst Keychains For Sale

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5. Other Forms Of Amethyst

As you are beginning to see, Amethyst can come in many shapes and sizes.

In general, pretty much anything you can think of can be adorned with Amethyst. 

Any traditional form of jewelry can quickly be enhanced by sticking a glorious piece of Amethyst on it. Therefore, its no wonder that things like Amethyst rings, earrings, and bracelets are also such popular items. 

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In Summary

Amethyst is an incredibly powerful source of healing energy. Therefore, it should be a central stone in your collection. Wherever you go, be sure to cary some form of Amethyst along with you. Of course, the rooms of your home are a great place to start. 

Now that you know just a few of the powerful healing benefits of Amethyst, you can begin to incorporate it into your healing routine!

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