Rainbow Fluorite | Meaning & Properties

rainbow fluorite towers and pyramids

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Spiritual healers, collectors, and novices all love rainbow fluorite.

It’s popular in both energy work and personal collections, thanks to its range of colors.

In essence, if you’re looking for mental clarity or to add a one-of-a-kind touch to your collection, this is the stone for you.

What is rainbow fluorite?

Fluorite is a naturally-occuring mineral on Earth. It is an allochromatic mineral.

Therefore, fluorite stones often feature a wide color range due to natural impurities.

Multiple vibrant color blends are often seen in a single stone.

Of course, these impurities do not mean that the crystal itself is “impure.”

In fact, because of the color banding and zoning seen on these stones, they are quite popular.

What are the benefits of using rainbow fluorite?

This dazzling crystal has many benefits in spiritual work. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Intuitive awareness.
  • Connecting with the Universal Consciousness.
  • Becoming in tune with Spirit.
  • Protection.
  • Balance.
  • Calming effect.
  • Mental clarity.

In other words, use this stone for a variety of spiritual practices. Like Amethyst, this stone is a staple healing crystal. 

Can you use rainbow fluorite in color therapy?

Because this mineral contains a combination of many vibrant colors, it is beneficial in chromotherapy practices.

Essentially, Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is a holistic therapy that uses light spectrum and colors to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

While chromotherapy is not currently recognized as a legitimate medical science, it’s a popular therapy among spiritualists.

Overall, it’s simple, painless, and non-invasive.

Some common colors in rainbow fluorite and their healing properties are:

  • Purple • Calming, relaxing, soothe organs
  • Blue • Relaxation, calming, tranquilizing, relieve nervous tension
  • Green • Harmony, balance, calming, anti-septic
  • Yellow • Mood booster, energizing, help with skin issues
  • Clear • Clarity, focus, emotional well-being

Amazingly, when using this crystal for healing, you will enjoy all the healing properties of each color.

How can I use rainbow fluorite in my spiritual practices?

rainbow fluorite tumbled stones

Chakra Work

Perhaps the most common use for this healing crystal is chakra work.

It’s believed that the stone can cleanse the chakras. Basically, to use this stone for chakra cleansing, find a place free of distractions (preferably in nature).

First, sit down, keeping the back erect, and hold a stone in each hand. Second, imagine the stone pulsing with energy.

Next, visualize that energy flowing out of the stone and into your body.

Finally, see the flowing energy moving through your chakras and cleansing them. You should feel calm and rejuvenated.

Also, for more tips on the best crystals to use for each chakra, check out this article!

Spiritual Grounding with Rainbow Fluorite

This mineral is ideal for spiritual grounding. Therefore, if you feel overwhelmed, depressed, or on the verge of a breakdown, you can bring yourself back to center using fluorite.

The energy from this stone can rebalance your spirit and allow you to organize your thoughts.

Combining it with a stone like Blue Apatite will even further increase this potential. You can read more about Blue Apatite in this article. 

With cluttered minds, our thoughts can’t flow freely, leading us to feel overwhelmed.

In essence, using this stone to ground yourself puts things back in order so that you can move step by step, versus working through a thousand thoughts at once.

Removing Negative Energy

Stress, depression, anger, and other negative energies leave us feeling out of touch with our true selves.

It makes it difficult to focus, make decisions, and can even harm our self-confidence.

In general, Fluorite helps to neutralize this negative energy, bringing us back to a place of peace.

It enhances concentration, aids in decision-making, and improves self confidence.


When it comes to spirituality, meditation is perhaps the single most important practice.

In essence, meditation gives us a moment of calm and teaches us to be present in the moment.

With fluorite, you can take your meditative sessions to the next level. Because it helps calm and provide clarity in thinking, it’s ideal for this purpose.

To use this crystal in meditation, find a quiet spot. Sit or lie down, keeping the spine straight and aligned.

Then, grip the fluorite with both hands (if it is a small stone, place it in the palm and place your other palm over it). Feel the energy of the stone.

Imagine all of your crowded thoughts and worries leaving your body and entering the stone.

When you’re calm and relaxed, end the meditation. Immediately cleanse the fluorite after each session.

A great tip is to use another stone to further enhance the rainbow fluorite. 

For this, you could even use something like Aura Quartz.

How do I cleanse and recharge my fluorite?

Cleansing your rainbow fluorite is simple. Essentially, all you need is sage, palo santo, or another type of natural incense or resin.

Carefully burn the incense or resin and move the stone through the smoke to cleanse it. As you move the fluorite through the smoke, visualize any trapped energies floating away with the smoke.

Once your fluorite is clean, recharge it by placing it under the full moonlight. If a full moon isn’t near just yet, bury the crystal in the Earth overnight.

Where should I keep fluorite?

This stone comes in many different shapes, including spheres, pyramids, and octahedrons.

Keep smaller stones in purses or wallets to have at the ready whenever you need a spiritual boost, protection, or balance.

Alternatively, you can keep this stone near your bed or under your pillow to protect you from bad dreams, on your office desk to keep your focused, or even next to the front door to neutralize any negative energies that enter your home.

In conclusion, rainbow fluorite is both beautiful and versatile. Its colors, shapes, and vibrancy make it aesthetically pleasing but it’s much more than that.

It has a wide range of application in spiritual practices and makes a great addition to any crystal collection.

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