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pink opal

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What is Pink Opal?

Most people are familiar with at least one variety of Opal. That said, usually when we think of Opal, we think of either black opal, white opal or fire opal.

Of course, there are actually several more less-known varieties of this gorgeous stone.

One of the many amazing things about Opal is how unique each piece can look.

Some are beautifully translucent, with insides resembling the ocean floor.

Others yet, may contain wonderful iridescent sparkles beneath the surface.

Pink opal, also known as rose opal or Peruvian opal, is a soft pink stone. It is somewhat less known than some other opal varieties, though it is brilliant all the same. 

Less Well Known, Equally Powerful

The stone is certainly not lacking in beauty. In fact, its gentle pink color can be absolutely gorgeous, especially when polished.

And there is no shortage of healing potential, as Pink Opal carries many useful benefits.

So why is this variant of Opal not talked about as often? Its difficult to say, since its a rather gorgeous and powerful stone.

In this article we will discuss Pink Opal in great detail.

First, we will give an overview of its basic physical traits. Next, we will discuss its meaning and healing properties.

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about Pink Opal, and how to use this amazing stone!

Appearance of Pink Opal

pink opal

photo by Géry PARENT, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pink Opal is a lovely, pastel-pink color.

Unlike more ‘precious’ forms of opal, its surface is completely opaque. Still, it gives of a warm soothing glow when the light hits it just right.

This color evokes feelings of love, peace and tranquility.

Among the pink hues, smooth clouds of white can be seen swirling around it.

These billowy hints of white further add to the soothing appearance of Pink Opal.

Pink Opal Meaning

This crystal represents deep, pure love and affection.

The stone’s soft hues hint less at love in its most ‘fiery’, passionate sense.

Rather, this delicate pink symbolizes the purest foundation of unconditional love.

As we will learn, these qualities give rise to a wonderfully powerful stone when it comes to healing.

Pink Opal Properties

As Pink Opal is a stone of love, it communicates with the heart. Therefore, it is a very effective stone at stimulating the heart chakra.

Though its color is soft and gentle, it emits a powerful aura that envelopes the surrounding area in bliss and tranquility.

Easing of heartbreak

The aura emitted from this stone is particularly soothing for those suffering from a broken heart, or related afflictions.

In fact, one of the primary spiritual uses for Pink Opal  is to help sooth those spiritual wounds inflict by lost love.

For example, someone who has just suffered a recent breakup may use Pink Opal in their healing ritual.

This could be a specific usage, like a tool to assist in deep meditation.

However, simply having a piece of Pink Opal nearby is often enough to feel its effects working on you.

Just by placing a piece of this stone on a table/desk or alter, or by carrying it in your pocket, you can feel its effects.

Helping with heartache and longing

As we know, a breakup isn’t the only source of heartache.

Luckily, Pink Opal can be used to heal many spiritual wounds.

For example, the feeling when a loved one is physically far away can be devastating.

Long distance relationships are one scenario in which this might be the case.

Pink Opal is a powerful stone to use in the situations. It transmits a frequency that strengthens bonds – both platonic and romantic.

Healing spiritual wounds

Often, spiritual wounds manifest in blockages within the heart chakra.

These can generate difficulties when it comes to giving or accepting love.

The power contained within Pink Opal produces a cascade of wonderfully healing and calming energy around the stone.

Therefore, when held in close proximity, this stone begins to work out healing our heart chakra immediately.

Over time, using this stone can strengthen our abilities to give and receive love.

This allows us to love more freely and is particularly useful for those whose spiritual wounds prevent them from opening up to others.

Dealing with death and loss

Another form of heartbreak that this stone can help heal, is that which results from death or loss.

Losing someone, be it a friend, a lover, or even a beloved pet, is one of the hardest experiences we endure.

Pink Opal can help us heal these heartaches by reinforcing or sense of meaning and perspective.

All things, even difficult ones, happen for a reason.

By showing us the deeper meaning behind our loss, this stone gives us an important sense of perspective.

This amazing crystal can endow us with the wisdom we need to get through these difficult times.

Another stone that can act similarly in terms of giving us perspective, is Aura Quartz (you can read more about it here)

Pink Opal and self-love

We save this one for last, though not because it is at all the least important.

On the contrary, self-love is an incredibly important pillar of spiritual healing.

In fact, self-love is actually a prerequisite for manifesting love.

This wonderful form of Opal carries within its aura, the power to allow us to forgive ourselves.

This is a truly remarkable gift. Sometimes, we hold things against ourselves, even for years.

Worst of all, this is often done at the level of the subconscious.

Carrying around this type of baggage for a long time can be detrimental to our spiritual development, not to mention our psyche.

Thankfully, this truly powerful stone can work at breaking down the internal barriers we place on ourselves.

Using Pink Opal in Crystal Healing

As mentioned, this stone communicates directly with the heart chakra.

Therefore, any ritual you do that involves unblocking this chakra, can be enhanced by using Pink Opal.

Of course, other stones like Rose Quartz are still essential when working to align the heat chakra.

Instead of replacing Rose Quartz (or any other stone) in your routine, consider adding it to compliment the other stone.

For an in depth guide to chakra healing with crystals, check out this post.

Pink Opal as a complementary stone

Because of its gentle nature, Pink Opal is excellent to use in combination with other crystals.

There is no risk of the Opal’s energy overpowering or altering that of the other stone.

In combination with stones like Blue Calcite or Blue Apatite, it can be especially supportive.

We recommend using this wonderful form of Opal in any meditative practice.

In addition, because of its protective qualities, many people wear pendants or other jewelry made of Pink Opal

Pink Opal For Sale

Because this variety is less common than some of the more popular types of Opal, it can be a little trickier to find.

That said, this stone isn’t rare per say, it just happens to be overshadowed by stones such as Fire Opal or Black Opal.

Furthermore, as with any crystal you look to purchase, quality can vary from seller to seller.

We always recommend going with a well-known supplier with good reviews.

There are many of amazing crystal suppliers to go with, and one of our favorites is Rock Paradise.

Pink Opal: In Conclusion

As you have learned, Pink Opal is an amazingly powerful stone when it comes to healing spiritual afflictions of the heart.

Whether brought on by breakup, a sense of longing or the death of a loved one, still stone can help.

Keeping a piece in your pocket when you are near a loved one, can help strengthen your bonds.

Overall, this is a very useful crystal to have as part of your collection.

Even a small piece can go a long way towards increasing the quality and amount of love in your life.

Now that you have a good idea of the benefits of this amazing crystal, grab a piece and experience them for yourself!

Cover photo by Géry PARENT, CC BY-SA 3.0

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