Powerful Manifestation Techniques For Fast Results!

It is possible to create your own reality and build the life you want by using manifestation techniques. With the Law of Attraction, you learn how to use your thoughts to shape and enhance your life. As you will discover, there are several tools and practices available that can teach you to increase your abilities […]

How to Manifest Money – (This Actually Works!)

how to manifest

Love it or hate it, the honest truth is that we need money to be able to function in today’s society. If you want to learn how to manifest money, you’ve come to the right place! Some people strive for riches because they have expensive tastes: they love to travel, enjoy fine dining, or perform […]

Your Soul Urge Number, Destiny & Life Path Number


The three most important numbers in numerology are our soul urge number, destiny number, and life path number.  In general, numerology deals with, and derives meaning from, numbers in our lives. Numerology is based on the idea that all things are systematic and have patterns, including people. Therefore, different signs, numbers, words, and symbols in […]

How to Manifest Love [Ultimate guide]

how to manifest love

Anyone can discover how to manifest love by engaging in certain practices. In particular, by being authentic, setting intentions, using affirmations, and practicing self-love.  As human beings, we all come to the same realization at one time or another – that life is fleeting and best shared with someone special.  Humans are social beings and […]

Leo Birthstone [Ultimate Crystal Guide]

leo birthstone guide

The primary Leo birthstone is Amethyst, and the sign’s other birthstones include Garnet, Merlinite, Amber, and Blue Obsidian. In this article, we will cover the Leo sign in detail, with a focus on each Leo birthstone. Leo Sign Quick Facts Birthday: July 23rd-August 22nd Element: Fire Quality: Fixed Colors: Gold, yellow, orange Day: Sunday Ruler: […]

Cancer Birthstone [Ultimate Crystal Guide]

cancer birthstone

The primary Cancer birthstone is Ruby, and the sign’s other birthstones include Calcite, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, and Rainbow Moonstone. In this article, we will cover the Cancer sign in detail, with a focus on each Cancer birthstone. Cancer Sign Quick Facts Birthday: June 21st-July 22nd Element: Water Quality: Cardinal Colors: White Day: Monday, Thursday Ruler: […]

Gemini Birthstone [Ultimate Crystal Guide]

Gemini Birthstone Cover

The primary Gemini birthstone is Amethyst, and the sign’s other birthstones include Agate, Pearl and Tanzanite. In this article, we will cover the Gemini sign in detail, with a focus on each Gemini birthstone. Gemini Sign Quick Facts Birthday: May 21st-June 20th Element: Air Quality: Mutable Colors: Light-Green, Yellow Day: Wednesday Ruler: Mercury Most Compatible […]

717 Angel Number Meaning [Love & Life Guide]

Have you ever noticed repeating numbers or a sequence of numbers constantly showing up for you? Since you’re reading this, you’re probably seeing angel number 717. Whether you look at the time and see 11:11 or you may wake up at 7.17 and then pause a movie on 7.17, these are not strange coincidences. Instead, […]

Blue Apatite Meaning & Properties [Ultimate Guide]

blue apatite

Blue Apatite is a truly amazing crystal. It is widely used in crystal healing, as it has many traits that give it very potent healing powers. In terms of appearance, Blue Apatite’s hues of deep blue and turquoise are sometimes said to resemble a gorgeous oceanic scene.  This gemstone has beauty and brawn; it truly […]