Moldavite [Must-Read!] Crystal Meaning & Properties

Moldavite crystal

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Moldavite is one of the most interesting crystals in the world of crystal healing. Apart from its stunning appearance, the healing properties of this crystal attract the attention of many people. For this reason, Moldavite has become immensly popular in recent years. 

This powerful stone is much more than just a social media trend! Read on to find out why Moldavite has become so beloved by crystal healers!

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Moldavite Appearance

From the appearance of this crystal alone, one can sense that Moldavite is a stone of greatness. This crystal is fairly fragile. It appears to be translucent or even transparent sometimes.

The forest green hues of Moldavite are enhanced in beauty by the swirls and bubbles appearing within the crystal.

When it comes to the structure, this stone has a very unique and beautiful formation. The raw and unpolished stones showcase magnificent features. These include gorgeously etched, carved, sculpted, or wrinkled structures and patterns.

However, there exists some difference in texture between Moldavite specimens based on where they are found.

The ones that lie at or are near the surface exhibit a rough texture. This is because of erosion in streams and rivers impacting the stones over millions of years. In contrast, the Moldavite stones that are located in sand and gravel pits are more finely textured and sculpted.

Moldavite specimens also vary in rarity. The unmarred and intact crystals make for “museum-grade” and are very valuable and rare. Yet, the rarest of all is “Angel Chimes”—these are the sonorous Moldavites. They ring like a coin when they drop on a glass or metal surface and make a hypnotic sound.

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Moldavite Origins and History

Many unique theories lie behind the history of Moldavite. Many agree that this stone exists as a result of a cosmic process. According to this theory, there was an asteroid crashed into the Earth around 15 million years ago.

The heat from its impact sent hot glass flying across Europe, and that is where the crystal is mined today. Nowadays, the primary areas of this crystal’s location are along the Rise and Steinem craters.

Moldavite is one of those strange gemstones that carry a rich history. People have prized it since the Stone Age.

They used this stone not only for arrowheads and cutting tools but also as a talisman and amulet. They believed Moldavite to be a source of good fortune, fertility, and protection.

In fact, Moldavite was found in the site of the Venus of Willendorf, the oldest known Goddess statue. From there, it has been linked to legends of the Holy Grail.

Furthermore, In Czech lore, this crystal was given as a gift to bring love, peace, and harmony to marital relations. Also, people used Moldavite for making jewelry and adornments as well.

Moldavite Meaning

The term Moldavite comes from the name of a town in Bohemia. It was coined by a man called Armand Dufrénoy.

Among other names, Moldavite boasts a quite exquisite one—“The Holy Grail Stone”. Moreover, it is also known as “The Stone of Transformation” as it promotes change.

Because of its cosmic connection, Moldavite vibrates at an very high and intense frequency. Therefore, it can have a very powerful presence. It induces a heightened sense of self-awareness. This can grow rapidly and influence many of your life decisions.

In addition to that, Moldavite is a stone of change, growth, and adaptation. It also deals with spiritual awakening.

However, as mentioned above, this crystal is an intense one. So, it is not always the easiest to use and can make you feel lightheaded. Mostly, people use its powerful energies to ground themselves first. This is because it takes practice to be in the presence of this high-energy stone and to properly wield its energies. 

Just like with any crystal, the more you practice, the more it will help. 

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Moldavite Healing Properties 

As can be expected from this powerful green crystal, the healing properties of Moldavite are many. Its energies seep into different aspects of the self.

For these reasions, Moldavite has become very popular recently. Read on to find out how Moldavite can influence you.

  • Spiritual Healing

As the stone of change, Moldavite possesses magical powers that propel the bearer to transform. This stone creates a spiritual change that shapes your higher self.

Moreover, it gives a command to your spiritual body and empowers it to interact with the cosmos.

It also helps in promoting the ‘dream states’. This process can help you get in touch with the hidden secrets your conscious self may be unaware of. It is how the divine powers guide and assist you toward your destiny.

In essence, the Moldavite crystal creates a connection with your spirit guides in one way or the other. It also expands your cosmic awareness and assists astral travel.

Along with that, this stone protects you from negative energies. Just like a shield, Moldavite cocoons you in its protective energies. In essence, this stone acts as a spiritual protector.

In addition, this crystal also integrates the mind and heart. This forms a harmony between them to bring about the best results in your life.

If you have an interest in developing psychic powers, this stone is for you. It can also help you have a peek into the future through your powers of intuition.

  • Emotional Healing

Moldavite crystals work their mystical powers to release you from trapped emotions and baggage. It shows quick, and often dramatic results of the cleansing or clearing process.

Wearing or holding a Moldavite crystal activates the heart chakra. The Heart chakra affects the core of deep feelings, emotions, and the spiritual side of your self. An open heart chakra leads to a intense release of emotions.

To learn more about chakra crystals, check out our post here

This release can be through tears, laughter, or sensations from your body. As a result, it leaves the wearer feeling more relieved and healed. You can use these healing crystals to release pent-up emotions and clear your aura.

Moldavite is packed with special power that syncs your spirit with the powers of the cosmos. Another popular belief states that this crystal can clear up traumas and pain residue from past lives. And, cleanses you of any negative energy build-up.

Besides healing emotions like jealousy, anger, or mistrust, Moldavite also helps with feelings of fear. This stone will also improve focus by releasing suppressed feelings and spiritual trauma.

Furthermore, the meteorite stone takes its healing properties from the movement of cosmos and stars in space. People use this stone to find their unique healing paths as their hearts and minds start working together in harmony. 

In addition to the heart chakra, the high frequency of this crystal activates the third eye and crown chakras. They help achieve better perception. In addition, they balance our visions, dreams, and reality. Furthermore, these chakras align our worldly energies with those beyond it.

Many people feel lightheaded or intense heat when they touch the crystal for the first time. This is because Moldavite’s properties are very strong and have a big impact on its wearer’s emotional and spiritual state.  

  • Mental Healing

As your brain holds the steering wheel to your body, it also acts as an important catalyst in the healing process. The best way to flee from a stuck-up mental state is to meditate with a Moldavite crystal.

The energy of this stone opens up a crammed-up, troubled, or confused mind to higher and newer levels of power. People use Moldavite’s energy for cleansing past traumas, releasing bottled-up emotions, and resurfacing underlying issues.

Moreover, you can also rely on the use of this stone to support collective and ancestral healing. Many healers use and recommend using this stone during meditation for an “out of the body” experience.

Mental healing is just as important as physical, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing. You need proper focus and a practical perspective of life to make good decisions. Moldavite crystals help in strengthening mental health and make it easier to process difficult emotions and thoughts.

Holding and wearing Moldavite crystals will have a lasting effect on your mental state. You will instantly feel a surge of stimulation as it generates energies and responses at different levels in you.

One of the less popular, yet very powerful benefits of Moldavite crystal is its use as a diagnostic tool. The way a person responds to the crystal’s presence can indicate the part of their soul that needs the most healing. For instance, people who dislike the dark green color or the crystal are mostly those who have suppressed emotional trauma.

Moldavite for Love

You can also use Meteorites to stir and spin love energy naturally in your heart. Oftentimes, sudden shock or an old emotional trauma tends to shut down our emotions. Moldavite can help you activate and open up your heart to love.

It’s a stone of the heart!

As mentioned earlier, Moldavite activates the heart chakra and balances it out so you’re able to reclaim your heart. You cannot control the external world, but you sure can restore and balance an out-of-balance heart chakra with Moldavite.

Wearing or holding Moldavite close to your breastbone will remove blockages and confusions relating to people and feelings. It helps you better understand your own wants and needs. Resultantly, it clears up your thoughts and perceptions about who is worth your time and energy.

The energy of this crystal enables you to release long-held negative feelings and promotes uplifting and positive thoughts. Moldavite is a comic lover’s stone that swipes left (you get the reference, right?) to all the bad matches for you.

Galactic Origins

From its astral origins, Moldavite gets its rare high-frequency vibrational energy. It’s the only meteorite that is classified as a gemstone owing to its alluring nature and effect. The stone works to break apart clogged-up residue from past love trauma and reopens your heart to love.

The galactic forces of Moldavite can vary with different shapes the crystal is used in. For example, the cosmic pick means you believe that your love life and perfect partner are written in the stars. You surrender your trust in the hands of the universe’s power to bring you closer to your match.

Similarly, the happy worm shape Moldavite means you’re so happy and content with your love life that you wish to freeze time. As wearing this stone increases good energy vibrations inside and outside of your body, you can experience an array of health benefits. From the mind and body to the heart and soul.

And when your mind, body, heart, and soul are working towards the release of negative emotions, your love life (and life in general) is bound to get better.

Moldavite for Career

Formed thousands of years ago, Moldavite stone is used for spiritual and mental healing to date. It is believed that the crystals can bring dramatic changes to its wearer’s life in just a matter of days.

It emits strong vibrational energy that works to sync you with higher cosmic powers. Oftentimes, the body responds to Moldavite with a rush of energy and emotion.

Moldavite stimulates powerful visions in the holder. It clears up confusion and hindrances from the mind. Also, it instills the ability to receive messages from the spiritual realms.

Not only will this stone open up your mind, but it will also boost your personal and career growth. Keeping a Moldavite crystal around will nurture both your career and personal connections.

Clarity & Purpose

The wearer achieves more clarity and purpose in life. This is how most people find their long-lost courage to embark on new projects and careers when acquainted with the crystal. The high-frequency vibrations help you stay focused and in pursuit of your long-term and short-term goals.

A lot of times, wearers comment on the immense power and surge of energy they feel when they first hold the stone. Moldavite sure holds tremendous energy that can feel like a tremendous clarity in your life. Its roperties encourage people to take bold steps for the betterment of their future.

If you are someone who has been wondering whether you chose a wrong career path, or wishes to switch jobs but are afraid of change, consider wearing Moldavite! This crystal supports growth and money in your life. The healing properties work to comfort you through the change.

Certainly, Moldavite will navigate and guide you through anxious and stressful moments. The confidence and energy boost will help you achieve certainty, calmness, and a clear conscience.

Moldavite for Heart and Third Eye Chakra

The heart chakra is the depth or the base of your personality. The state of this chakra directly affects your emotions, deep feelings, thoughts, and spiritual awareness.

Moldavite magically targets and opens up your heart chakra. The activated chakra “unleashes” pent-up energies, emotions, deep-rooted issues, and feelings.

Many experience it in the form of laughs, tears, smiles, or as a rush of sensations throughout the body. What this stone does is that it clears up emotional blockages and lets your heart feel and heal better.

The third eye chakra is all about intuition, inner guidance, and spiritual growth. Moldavite’s healing properties extend its astral energies to restore balance and regulate a proper energy flow. With a balanced third eye chakra, you will feel a stark improvement in your dreams, visions, and imagination.

Moldavite activates and opens your third chakra which enhances clarity in the brain and balances impulses. As a result, this reflects in better functioning and decision-making in life.

Other than the visible improvement in mood, focus, and thinking clarity, the opening of the third eye chakra also aids other areas of your life. You can expect  vivid dreams, spiritual awakening, and a deeper clarity about life.

Crystals to Pair with Moldavite

How would you feel if someone told you that you could amplify the cosmic energies of Moldavite stone by simply pairing it with another stone?

Great, right?

You can combine this ancient stone with others to manifest its benefits for healing, abundance, and luck. For a more in depth look at how to manifest, check out or articles on manifesting money and love!

Combinations for Healing

  • Quartz

Quartz, the “master healer”, works for all chakras which means the energetic Moldavite can summon divine forces of healing upon the wearer. This combination will help with better insight, clarity, and decision-making.

  • Malachite

Both these gemstones are green in color and bring advanced healing powers to the table. You can use this combination for healing traumas and lifting mental and emotional blockages from the past.

  • Moonstone

This forms a fierce and powerful match that works on a higher level. Moonstone, with its vibrational moon energy, enhances psychic skills. Combine it under the night sky with Moldavite to decode revelations from planetary positions.

Combinations for Abundance

  • Citrine

Citrine, also called the “merchant stone”, is popular for inviting prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. While Moldavite brings its powers to manifest, Citrine crystals bring success and results.

  • Aventurine

Moldavite and Aventurine combine to create the perfect escape from a limiting mind. This combination empowers you to break the shackles of limits set by fear and helps you take big steps towards success and abundance.

Combinations for Luck

  • Jade

Jade paired with green Moldavite creates a lucky duo for its wearer. It brings you fortune, happiness, wealth, and progression in your life.

  • Celestite

Combine Moldavite with Celestite’s energy to attain great luck. It supports a calm state for the mind and body that gives access to inner-celestial domains.

How to Use the Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite crystals assist its wearer to connect with the divine mind, newer levels of spirituality, and healing of the heart and soul. But how to safely use and manifest its powers?

It is a powerful crystal that leaves different people feeling different emotions or sensations when they interact with it for the first time. Some feel tingling, some intense heat, while others experience a rush throughout their bodies.

However, there are two popular ways to use this stone; as jewelry or holding it during meditation.

People who are interested in working and improving their auras and chakras seek the healing powers of Moldavite closer to them. You can wear Moldavite as a piece of jewelry, for example, as a necklace, to align the heart and third eye chakra. This will have a positive effect on love and connections.

Holding Moldavite during meditation helps with healing from unwanted emotional baggage. It removes negative energy, thoughts and clears out your aura. Holding this crystal as you sit and relax will help you connect better with your inner self.

Where to Buy Moldavite

Because it’s been in such high demand, real Moldavite can be hard to find. The recent social media craze around Moldavite has only increased it’s rarity. 

Make sure when buying Moldavite, you research the suplier. Sadly, the high demand has resulted in many people selling fake Moldavite. Usually these fakes are nothing more than regular glass. Furthermore, it can be difficult to tell the real from the fake. 

To make sure you get the real thing, always go with a trusted and well-known supplier. 

Our favorite place to buy Moldavite is Throwin’ Stones. This shop has an amazing selection of Moldavite. This includes tons of jewelry, raw and polished specimens. 

We reccomend this shop because of their glowing positive reviews. They have been in buisness for a long time, and for good reason!

They boast an amazing Moldavite selection, but that’s not all. In addition, they also have some other very stunning and rare gems as well. 

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Final Thoughts on Moldavite 

The powerful and intense energies of Moldavite may be challenging at first, but the rewards are worth it. It radiates healing through the spirit, mind, and heart.

This gorgeous stone can be your best friend, both as an emotional support crystal and a good luck charm! Helping you through bad days and supporting your journey towards self-love, Moldavite unlocks your chakras and allows you a breath of fresh air. So are you prepared for a voyage of growth with Moldavite?

Remember, we always recomend going with a well-known supplier. This is no different when purchasing Moldavite. Doing so ensures you get a quality product. 

As with any crystal, you may not have success the first time you use Moldavite. However, over time, your connection to the stone will grow.

If at first using Moldavite feels too intense, that’s okay! Try using the stone for short periods to start. Then, as your connection grows, you may use it for longer periods of time.

Before you know it, Moldavite will be one of your favorite crystals! Find out why so many people are falling in love with Moldavite. The only thing left to do is grab some and see for yourself!


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