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There’s a reason why most manifestation experts strongly recommend the use of a Law of Attraction Planner. For both big and small goals – money, love, a new job or apartment – being  organized and methodical is crucial. 

Without a way to break your goals down into small chunks and track your affirmations, things can quickly become chaotic and disorganized. 

If you’ve ever felt like you’re running around in circles and not making progress with the Law of Attraction, you really need to grab a Law of Attraction planner today!

In this article, we’ll uncover the top reasons why a Law of Attraction planner is key to manifestation success. 

Top 3 Best Law of Attraction Planners 

Here are our top picks for the best Law of Attraction Planners. Overall, after testing out several different brands of planners over the years, our favorite by far are the ones made by Freedom Mastery.

In our experience, Freedom Mastery planners are the best value, the easiest to use, and the most effective at getting results!

What is a Law of Attraction Planner?

A Law of Attraction Planner is so much more than just an ordinary agenda book or journal. People use these planners to help organize their days, but they are also an effective life planning tool.

That is, they incorporate powerful manifestation practices to create the life you want to have.

In essence, a manifestation journal is a small book that includes scripted activities to help you reflect on your days, weeks, and months by tracking your mindset, health, wealth, daily tasks, life goals, and more.

People use these mindfulness activities to track their progress over time and teach themselves how to build their own reality.

These planners are usually very lovely, with aesthetically pleasing cover designs, inspirational quotes and prints, and beautiful patterns and colors. 

How Do You Use a Law of Attraction Planner?

To some degree, this depends on the set-up of the planner. Some people use a Law of Attraction Planner that is formatted more like a calendar with inspirational quotes and short mindfulness practices.

They use it to schedule their agenda and set short-term goals and manifest the outcomes. 

On the other hand, some people prefer to use a planner that includes a broader span of mindfulness and manifestation techniques. In essence, these focus on big goals and break them down into daily affirmations and manifestations.

Some aspects are the same no matter which type of planner you choose. Any Law of Attraction Planner guides and shapes improvement in personal development, organization, introspection, and gratitude.

Fourteen Reasons Why You Need a Law of Attraction Planner

1. To Define Your Life’s Purpose

When you stop to reflect on what you want in life – your goals, aspirations, hopes, and dreams – you define yourself. People often wonder what is the point of life.

Well, perhaps the point is to enjoy it! To seek out the things that make life worth living, to seek out a life of passion and purpose.

If you have not stopped to define your life’s passions, how can you expect to achieve them? Using a Law of Attraction Planner will help you to carve out exactly what you want in life.

2. To Set Bigger Goals

People often set big goals, but they cannot seem to complete them. That is because big goals tend to feel scary, intimidating, or impossible.

If your goal is so big that you do not know how to achieve it, you might simply walk away. Setting (and achieving) big goals is possible.

While it’s okay to set goals about manifesting grand things like love or money, it can be useful to separate it into chunks.

(check our other manifestation articles to learn specifically about manifesting love and money)

That said, the trick is to turn a big goal into a series of small, accomplishable tasks. A manifestation planner has this outline built-in, increasing the likelihood that you will stick with your goals.

3. To Provide You with Clarity to Set the Right Goals

A Law of Attraction Planner is focused on who you are and building the life you desire. Therefore, it teaches you to set goals that align with who you are as a person.

You are far more likely to find the drive to succeed if your goals match up with your passions, talents, and nature.

4. To Maintain Your Focus

Keeping a manifestation journal involves reflecting on your days, weeks, and months. This constant reflection and introspection keep you from drifting away from your goals.

You may shift your focus as you learn more about yourself and define who you are as a person. However, if you want to achieve real progress and accomplish major tasks in your life, you need to maintain a laser focus on self-improvement. 

5. To Increase Joy

No one wants to become so focused on one aspect of their life that all else falls away. That is to say, your dream life has to encompass all parts of life.

So, while you may be setting a specific goal, you are working on all parts of your life. For example, finances, work, health, love, friendships, personal fitness, spiritual maturity, and more.

This balance and self-care improve harmony and joy in life. Beyond that, a manifestation journal reminds you to appreciate life and feel gratitude. 

6. To Raise Your Vibrational Energy

The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that you control what you bring into your life. You focus on what positive changes you want to bring in.

By doing so, you are raising your vibrations to match that positivity. When you raise your vibrations, you bring in more good stuff.

Once you learn how to harness the Law of Attraction, these positive changes start to build on themselves. Raising your vibrational energy can be truly life-changing!

7. To Make Gratitude a Constant State

Gratitude is a powerful thing. When you live in a state of constant gratitude, you acknowledge what you have. Furthermore, you acknowledge what is positive in your life.

This is a powerful manifestation in itself! People who focus on feeling grateful for what they have attract more of whatever they feel grateful for.

A Law of Attraction Planner uses reminders and activities to keep you feeling gratitude on a daily basis, so it becomes second nature.

8. To Increase Your Productivity

A manifestation journal is inherently designed to increase your productivity. People use these planners to focus on what is most important and delegate smaller tasks to when they are more convenient.

You can use a planner to break down big goals into smaller, manageable steps.

In doing so, you can turn your dreams into reality through the act of keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind, mediation practice, and manifestations.

9. To Increase Your Motivation

Many people look at a to-do list and dread getting started. Further, this is especially true if you have some time-consuming or intimidating tasks on your list.

People use a Law of Attraction Planner to change their mindset so that it starts to feel like a reward to check things off a list. Not only that, the activities and practices in the planner emphasize joy.

Furthermore, they teach you how to make happiness a normal part of your routine. 

10. To Increase Your Creativity

Big goals require big ideas. People use manifestation journals to develop their creativity and intuition.

In addition to scripted activities that ask you to plan, think, and reflect, these planners have sections that allow you to draw or write freely.

People use these sections to bring their daily intentions and thoughts to a conscious level. Just like most things in life, creativity can be improved through daily practice.

Some people do not know how to get started with open-ended journaling. Thankfully, a Law of Attraction Planner breaks this down and makes it simple. Plus, these journals are full of ideas and inspiration to get you started.

11. To Clear Your Mind of Unwanted Thoughts and Negativity

Writing down a negative thought or persistent unwanted emotion can help you to release it. Anyone who has tried to keep a mental to-do list knows how draining it can be to try to memorize everything you need to do.

By journaling negative emotions, you release them and set your mind free of them.

By maintaining a detailed task list and breaking goals into small tasks, you free your mind from these draining and troublesome thoughts. As a result, this allows your mental space to be used for gratitude, positivity, and creativity.

12. To Focus on Rewarding Yourself

When people make the decision to manifest change and focus on self-improvement, they expect to work hard for it. But you cannot work constantly without rewarding yourself and expect to stick with it.

When people reward themselves and acknowledge their progress, they attract more progress.

Just like the act of mindful gratitude brings more things into your life to feel grateful for, the act of mindful progress and rewards brings more progress and rewards into your life.

A Law of Attraction Planner includes activities to acknowledge your progress. Also, it reminds you to set rewards as well as setting goals. 

13. To Maximize the Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are proven to work. Military forces around the world use affirmations. Scholars, celebrities, and notable figures in history use affirmations.

Studies have shown that repeating simple phrases increases resilience, pain management, and productivity.

To put it simply, affirmations work! Law of Attraction Planners encourage you to use affirmations in your daily life. They supply you with new and motivating affirmations and help you create the right words for success. 

14. To Remind You to Rest and Recharge

It is not uncommon to set a big goal and put all your efforts into achieving it, only to make it halfway, burn out, and abandon your plans.

When using a manifestation journal, you are consistently getting reminders to find your inner peace and rest, both mentally and physically.

A Law of Attraction Planner includes activities to focus on self-care and self-love. These practices can make the difference between making it halfway, or making it all the way to achieving your goals.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Law of Attraction Planner

A Law of Attraction Planner is a fun, inspirational, and motivational way to track your goals and progress.

Of course, there are many other manifestation techniques that you will want to incorporate along with your planner.

That said, in terms of physical tools, these manifestation planners are probably the most important things you can buy. 

Therefore, they are indispensable as you move towards a more fulfilling life and manifest your dreams into reality. When people use a manifestation journal, they not only become more organized and driven but also more positive and focused.

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