Law of Attraction Coaching: [Ultimate Guide + Bonus]

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While the Law of Attraction is an incredibly powerful practice, it can be difficult to navigate without guidance. Law of Attraction Coaching is a way to receive expert direction and support to keep you accountable to your goals and ensure your progress. 

In this article, we will explain the Law of Attraction and cover Law of Attraction Coaching in detail. 

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What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is one of the most well-known and powerful of the Universal Laws.

This theory is based on the idea that you create your reality based on the words you speak, thoughts you think (subconsciously and consciously), and actions you take. In other words, you build the life you live based on what you attract into your life.

Consider this, researchers conducted a study where the test subject was driving. For one group of subjects, the researchers told them “Do not hit the pothole”.

For the second group, researchers said “Avoid the pothole”. Researchers found that although the messages may appear to have the same meaning, participants reacted differently to the two messages.

A lot of drivers in the first group hit the pothole, while most of the drivers in the second group avoided it. Although they were told to avoid it, the first group was given the words “hit the pothole”. Meanwhile, the second group was passively advised.

This change was based solely on the phrasing of their words. That alone was enough to affect the driver’s ability to navigate around the hole in the road.

The Law of Attraction is working on the same principle: that the words we think, say, and hear have a direct impact on our abilities and opportunities.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

There are seven principles that make up the Law of Attraction.

  • Manifestation is the theory that conscious decisions and thoughts create our reality.
  • Magnetism is the idea that we attract the same vibrational energies that we put out into the world, like a magnet.
  • Pure Desire is based on the fact that we produce the best and most effective outcomes when we allow ourselves to become free from fear and doubt.
  • Focus with Confidence is the idea that we need to be confident in order to attract positive outcomes because desperation attracts desperate events to unfold.
  • Right Action is the karmic energy that is acting in the world around us. So, if you treat others with dignity and value, you will find that others treat you equally (and conversely that if you treat others poorly and unjustly that you will be met with the same).
  • Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices in mindfulness and manifestation. When we feel gratitude for what we have, more things will appear in our lives that are worthy of feeling grateful for.
  • Influence is used by anyone to gain impact with others, and this can be used for both good and bad.  Like smiling at a stranger on the street, positive energy spreads to those around us and into all aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, negativity does the same.

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What is Law of Attraction Coaching?

It can be difficult to know how to get started using the Law of Attraction, especially if you are also new to meditation, manifestation, and other mindfulness practices.

A Law of Attraction Coach is similar to a life coach but works to train you to utilize the Law of Attraction and other manifestation techniques in your daily life.

Some people seek out a Law of Attraction Coach to reach a specific goal or change a certain aspect in their life. There are coaches who specialize in one aspect or area of your life.

Many coaches are able to provide general life coaching that can help you to change your life, set goals, track progress, and more, all while using the Law of Attraction techniques and methodology.

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What Kinds of Goals Can a Law of Attraction Coach Address?

Many coaches are able to train you in many ways of reshaping your life. There are a number of coaches who specialize and focus on one specific aspect of life.

However, even specialists are able to provide methods that improve your life overall, as do most of the techniques within the Law of Attraction.

Some of the specific subjects that a coach can assist with include:

Is Law of Attraction Coaching Useful?

Yes, Law of Attraction Coaching is useful, especially once you find the right coach for you and your lifestyle. When seeking out a coach, it is important to note their specialty and methods and make sure that their approach will align with your goals. 

There are many reasons why someone might decide to seek out a Law of Attraction Coach. It might be time to get help if you:

  • Feel stagnant in your life and do not know how to move forward.
  • Feel that your life is not headed in the right direction and are unsure how to change it.
  • Have lost motivation or focus on self-improvement.
  • Have tried repeatedly to change your life but always fall into the same patterns.
  • Tried manifesting change, but it does not seem to work for you.
  • Commonly have a negative mentality and do not know how to break out of it.
  • Have made positive changes in the past but become burned out and give up before you accomplish your goals.
  • Are curious about manifesting change and do not know where to begin.

What is the Process?

When you decide to use a Law of Attraction Coach, the first step is to find a coach who meets your needs and can help visualize your goals.

With the internet, it is easier than ever to find a coach who will be a good fit for you.

Instead of being limited to whoever is working locally, you can connect with coaches from all over the world. 

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Working With a Law of Attraction Coach

Once you have found a coach, they will talk to you about your plans, hopes, dreams, and goals. They will also ask you about goals that you have set in the past, what has worked for you and what has not.

They will spend some time analyzing who you are as a person to curate an effective personalized plan for you to follow moving forward. It is important to note that the coach is not doing this for you, they are guiding and teaching you.

As with all types of manifestation, it is up to you to create the thought patterns that will continue to project you forward.

Ongoing Progress

More than likely, they will continue to meet with you throughout your journey, helping you to track your progress.

Some people choose to meet with a coach to learn new methods of using the Law of Attraction. However, they discover more independence as they move through the process and start to make changes on their own. Others may continue meeting with their coach for years, using them as a life coach.

In doing so, they benefit from their expertise throughout their inevitable life changes and setting new goals.

What Does Law of Attraction Coaching Look Like?

There are many different methods and techniques that the coach may have you use.

They will most likely work with you to develop a combination of several of these techniques. They may also devise their own methods or create a new practice that they gear specifically for you. 

Some of the possible methods include:


Scripting is an exercise that uses creative writing to detail objectives and goals that you wish to manifest. In these scripting exercises, you write in the form of a story.

So, if your goal is to increase your physical fitness, you might write a story about going to the gym every day, what you wear and how you feel while there.

You should write these scripts in great detail for the best outcome.


Visualization is the act of picturing yourself accomplishing the goal in question. When you use visualization, it is important to visualize specific details and focus clearly on the mental image.

If your goal is to get a new job, you might picture yourself turning in the application, then visualize yourself at the interview. What are you wearing? What do they ask you? Can you imagine yourself confidently answering their questions?

Then visualize yourself getting a call from their office and offering you a job. Picture all the steps, and picture them with vivid and realistic detail. 


Affirmations are a mantra or saying that is easy to remember and easy to repeat. You can use positive affirmations to substitute limiting beliefs.

A limiting belief is something that you say to yourself that hinders your creativity and prevents you from chasing your dreams.

For instance, thinking that soulmates don’t exist is a limiting belief, whereas accepting that you are worthy of love is positive. An affirmation could be as simple as “I am worthy of love.” 

Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude journaling is one of the most important aspects of the Law of Attraction. The mindset of gratitude is an extremely powerful thing.

When we accept that we have much to be grateful for, we bring in more positivity and opportunities to feel gratitude. Nearly every Law of Attraction practitioner will use mindful gratitude in at least one way. 

For scripting, journaling, and writing affirmations, most coaches recommend using a Law of Attraction planner. These planners are specifically designed to assist in reaching your manifestation goals. 


Meditation is a powerful practice that your coach will likely encourage you to pursue on your own. In meditation, you work to clear your mind of distractions and raise your vibrational energy.

As positive vibrations attract more positive into your life, meditation can be an extremely powerful tool.

Wrapping Up

Using the Law of Attraction is a powerful and proven method of improving and changing your life.

If you need help to get started, set goals, or track your progress, a Law of Attraction Coach can offer guidance and help you manifest changes in your life.

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