5 Best Incense Waterfall Burners [Full Reviews]

incense waterfall cone burner on top of stacked rocks

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An incense waterfall, also known as a backflow burner, is a a mechanism for burning incense.

Unlike traditional incense, which uses sticks, an incense waterfall uses a backflow cone that redirects the smoke down.

As a result, the smoke cascades downwards, rather than traveling upwards into the air.

The downward stream of smoke results in a beautiful pouring effect, very reminiscent of a waterfall. Hence the name, incense waterfall. 

In this article we will cover the basics of incense waterfalls. Then, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of this style of incense.

Finally, we will rank and review the top five incense waterfall products!

Benefits of an Incense Waterfall

Traditional incense sticks have been around for centuries. Surely, their design has stood the test of time.

And while there is nothing wrong with using incense sticks, backflow cones do come with some benefits.

Less mess

With a traditional incense stick, it slowly burns from one end to the other.

Of course, as this occurs, ash periodically falls as the ember makes its way down the stick.

The problem with this, is that it can sometimes cause quite a mess.

The dropping ash can sometimes fall outside the holder, and can easily be blown around.

On the other hand, incense waterfalls using backflow cones are much tidier.

This is because the ash doesn’t drop from a height. Rather, it just neatly piles around the cone.

Longer lasting

Many people report that incense waterfalls cause the scent to diffuse more gradually than traditional incense.

This is likely due to the mechanism that causes the smoke to pour downwards.

With traditional incense sticks, they burn for roughly a half hour, and then the smell dissipates.

On the contrary, backflow incense results in a much more gradual and even diffusion of scent.

Aesthetically beautiful

You can incorporate an incense waterfall burner seamlessly into the decor of a room in a way that transforms your space for the better.

The beauty of a gently cascading stream of smoke enhances any space in which the waterfall is placed.

Its like having a majestic scene from nature right in your home!

The effects are even further enhanced depending on the specific waterfall structure that you use.

Some of the waterfalls available even include spaces to place other decorative items, like crystals.

Imagine placing a few pieces of Amethyst or Fluorite around one of these gorgeous waterfalls. 

These marvelous structures are sure to add an element of wonder to any room in your house!

1. Via Moi Incense Waterfall
Incense waterfall

First on our list is the Via Moi incense waterfall burner. 

This beautiful piece of art actually works with both backflow cones, or incense sticks.

Of course, in order to have the waterfall effect, you’ll want to use the backflow cones.

Its simple yet elegant design features a young buddha, seated on a crescent moon.

Though it is not as elaborate as some of these other pieces on this list, it is still a great choice.

One thing to note, is that because of its smaller size, the ash does sometimes tend to fall outside the structure.

Still, this is an excellent choice from anyone looking for a simple, minimalist incense waterfall.

2. ComSaf Ceramic Incense Waterfallincense waterfall

Next up is this wonderful ceramic piece by ComSaf.

Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans, so the design quality is exceptionally high.

One thing we love about this waterfall, is that fact that it contains five platforms.

This results in a beautiful cascading effect as the smoke travels downwards from platform to platform.

Because of its high quality and beautiful design, we definitely recommend this piece!

3. Black Ceramic Incense Waterfallincense waterfall

Third on our list is this beautiful black ceramic piece.

Incense waterfalls are works of art, and this exquisite piece is definitely no exception.

It features a wonderful spiraling channel through which the smoke travels before pooling at the bottom.

Because of its black design, this piece looks ultra sleek and would fit with the decor of most rooms.

Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen, and the quality truly shows in the build and design.

4. INONE Dragon Backflow Incense Waterfall

dragon sculpture with incense pouring outComing at number four is this stunning piece of art.

The first thing you’ll notice about this piece is the detailed craftsmanship.

Each unit is handcrafted from purple sand clay, and features a powerfully majestic dragon carving.

The cone is placed just above and behind the dragons head.

As a result, the smoke appears to flow out of the dragons mouth, which looks awesome up close!

Even when not lit, this incense waterfall is beautiful enough to function as a stand alone piece of art.

The dragon has deep symbolic meaning in many Asian cultures, and this piece definitely does justice to this majestic, mysterious being.

If you are looking to impress, this may be the piece to go with.

5. Landscape Treasures Incense Waterfall

Backflow incense waterfall

Last but certainly not least, is the Landscape Treasures Incense Waterfall.

The piece depicts a wonderful mountainside scene. From high up in the peaks, a gentle waterfall flows downward through the foothills.

This piece is made of resin, and it resembles a rocky hillside. From a distance, it does actually look like genuine rock. 

This is a great incense waterfall if you are looking to create a natural, “outdoorsy” feel within your space.

How an Incense Waterfall Works

So what causes this beautiful downward flow of smoke?

Essentially, the effect is a result of the burning mechanism. As most people know, traditional incense comes in the form of a stick.

When one end of an incense stick is lit (and extinguished), the smoke begins to flow upwards.

The backflow burner cone

On the other hand, an incense waterfall uses something called a backflow burner, made from an incense cone.

Simply put, an incense cone is just a small mass of incense.

A backflow burner is a type of incense cone with a hole at the bottom. In essence, when the backflow cone is lit, the smoke travels out the bottom hole.

This causes the smoke to escape through the hole, and travel downwards.

When  a backflow cone is in an elevated position, as we will see, the result can be absolutely mesmerizing!


Nowadays, you can buy a variety of truly beautiful incense waterfall structures in all shapes and sizes. 

So, which incense waterfall should you choose?

Well, that truly depends on your taste and aesthetic, as well as the style of the room in which you will place it. 

The more extravagant and intricate pieces could easily be featured as a centerpiece in your living room.

On the other hand, the minimalist pieces are great as subtle accents in your space.

Incorporating other meditation tools

Now that you’ve seen our reviews for the top five incense waterfalls, you can grab one and try it out for yourself!

And next time you sit down to meditate, light up your incense waterfall and allow the soothing smoke to relax your body and soul. 

We recommend placing an incense waterfall into your sacred space to enhance its Feng Shui. 

Furthermore, if you partake in any healing rituals with crystals (like crystal chakra healing), keeping an incense waterfall nearby is sure to enhance your efforts. 

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