How to Cleanse Crystals [Ultimate Guide]

How to Cleanse Crystals.

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If you are an avid stone collector, you’ve probably heard others talk about how to cleanse crystals. Crystals are high-energy, high-vibration healing tools that can transform our lives in big and small ways. Yet even the strongest of gems isn’t immune to negative energy.

An Introduction to How to Cleanse Crystals

While there are a few exceptions, pretty much every crystal you can get your hands on will get a little gummed up now and again. A big part of this is because our energy affects the stones we work with. Sometimes that might mean we dump our problems into them.

Other times they spend their resources deflecting dark energy from us, and all that work opens them up to contamination. The more hands that touch a stone, the more gunked up it becomes. For older stones and family heirlooms, this can mean years upon years of energy pollution.

The Good News?

The good news is that you can help your rock buddies out. You might take a bath or shower before you spend time with your crystals, but did you know that you can cleanse them too? Keeping your stones clear of excess negative energy will not only make them more effective healers but easier to connect with.

Of course, there are just about as many methods to do this as there are stones to do it with. To make matters more complicated, every gem is different. Even different members of the same rock group can cleanse better in different ways.

Understanding Your Choices

Some stones don’t like water. Others don’t appreciate dirt. There are gems that prefer more physical forms of cleansing and others that don’t mind you using, well, your mind. There are even crystals that are in no need of cleansing at all.

Like everything else in life, that’s up for debate. Either way, the vast majority of gemstones will still need a quick energy bath from time to time. Whatever method you choose will be up to you and your stone.

With that said, there are a few cleansing tricks you can use that work well with the majority of crystals you’ll encounter. Without further ado, here are twelve easy methods on how to cleanse crystals.


Cleansing crystals with sound.

If you happen to have a Tibetan singing bowl, cleansing your crystals could be as simple as vibrating the negative energy away with its music. Sit your stones on a table or the floor in front of you and bring out the bowl singing.

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Alternatively, you could play a favorite relaxing song or something like binaural beats. Even the sound of rain or a track of meditation music could work as well. You could even hum the negativity away.

For this method, it’s best to pick sounds and songs that you find refreshing and relaxing. If one of these doesn’t work, you can always try another.

Overall, this method is a good choice. Often crystals we pair with match our energy in deep ways and that means the sounds that make us happy are more likely to work for our chosen gems. Some crystals may prefer other methods, but there is no known variety that sound cleansing causes harm to.


Cleansing crystals with water.

When we think of washing, water is usually what comes to mind. Using water to clean your crystals is an age-old way to wash them of negative energy. Water is an element that tends to work better with more feminine crystals like moonstone and pink quartz. A big part of that is its connection with night and the moon.

Aside from that, there are many gems that do well when cleansed in water. You can soak them overnight under the light of the moon and dry them in the sun or just do a quick little scrub with soap and water.

Some people add sea salt to their soak while others use holy water. Some people put in herbs or essential oils. Whatever you choose to use or if you even use water is going to be up to you, and what crystals you’re working with.

It’s important to check each stone you work with before you use this method. While many stones are perfectly fine with water, certain stones, like selenite, will begin to melt when they get wet.

Others, such as malachite, which an excellent crystal to manifest money, will put off toxic fumes even when damp. You should not cleanse a stone like this in water and this makes checking your chosen stone highly important.


Cleansing crystals with earth.

Dirt is a quick, easy way to cleanse your crystals. The vast majority of the stones we work with came from the ground. It’s a comfortable place for them. More than that, dirt is an excellent grounder.

Bury your stone to send any negative energy back into the dirt. Putting them straight into the ground is a good option if you have a safe place to do it.

Of course, if you live in an apartment or don’t own the property, then a jar or pot of dirt works fine. Even a small Tupperware will do.

Try to get natural dirt if you can as some potting soils contain chemical fertilizers. This isn’t quite as good for cleansing and some of the chemicals may damage some crystals.

The stones you should not cleanse this way tend to be soft, brittle stones or ones that don’t handle moisture well. Selenite, for example, will begin to melt in damp earth or may have shards of it broken off. Other crystals, such as citrine or carnelian may simply do better with another method like sunlight or fire.


Cleansing crystals with fire.

As one of the four main elements, fire is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It can warm our homes and bring us light or it can destroy everything in its path.

Fireworks the same for crystals and the energy inside them. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it destroys.

Crystals like citrine and garnet may enjoy a quick dip in the flames of a candle to burn off any impurities. Other stones that do well with this method tend to be masculine, sunny gems.

Simply set the crystal you want to cleanse near your chosen candle. A protective black candle is best if you care to choose a color, though any candle will work. Be sure to use a spoon or something else that’s not your fingers and to wipe and charring off the stone when you’re done.

Of course, it’s important to remember that not every stone handles heat well. Be sure to research your chosen crystal before ever bringing it near an open flame.

For example, heat can be used to lighten or darken the color of sapphires, opals, and even aquamarine. Any particularly fragile crystals should not be placed in the fire.


Cleansing crystals with incense.

Air is an undeniable force of nature that can blow away even the strongest of dark energy. There are many ways to use the wind to cleanse your crystals, but one of the most obvious ways is incense.

Different incenses do slightly different jobs. Sage, cedar, and sweetgrass tend to be best for cleansing, but, for the most part, any kind will do. It all depends on your preference and the stones you work with.

To cleanse your crystal with incense, light your chosen smudge or incense stick and pass it over your stone. The negative energy will be carried away with the swirling smoke.

This method works well for many stones and is gentle on the more fragile crystals. With that said, there are a few specimens that simply prefer to be cleansed with other elements. It will be up to your research and experiences to find out what your specific gem prefers.


Cleansing with rice.

One of the best ways to cleanse your crystals of unwanted energy is with rice. If you’ve ever gotten your cell phone wet, then a quick Google search probably advised you to put it in a bag of rice. For electronics, this draws out the moisture so your device can still function.

Much like those silica bead packets in various food items, rice is great for sucking up water and saving your electronics. It also happens to be able to soak in the negative energy trapped in our crystals.

To use this method, simply place your chosen crystal in a container or bag of rice. Brown or wild rice tends to work better. It’s more natural and often has better energy. With that said, any rice will do.

The process on how to cleanse crystals with herbs is simple. Just leave your stone in the rice for twelve to twenty-four hours before removing it. If all goes according to plan, the rice will soak up any negativity and leave your stone’s energy sparkling clean.

Overall, this method is fairly safe with all kinds of crystals. There may be a few exceptionally soft crystals that will get scratched by the rice, but it won’t affect the color or stability of your stone. That said, there are gems that respond better to other cleaning methods.


Cleansing with herbs.

Since incense is essentially herbs that have been set on fire, it makes sense that the herbs themselves could have an influence on our crystals. This method is simple and can be used in conjunction with others like the salt and water methods.

To cleanse your gem with herbs, bury the stone in some kind of jar or other container filled with a herb or herb mixture. Common plants used to calm and purify are sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and lavender.

Yet, any herbs associated with your stone or its purpose would do wonders. Just make sure to replace the herbs frequently so you don’t lose any cleansing potency.

While there aren’t any stones that are expressly harmed by this method, there may be some that prefer other ways to vent their energy. Additionally, some crystals may want to relax with cinnamon while others might prefer eucalyptus.

On that note, it’s best to be careful with certain herbs around pets. Cats and birds, especially, can be sensitive to some plant oils.


Cleansing crystals with salt.

If you are wondering how to cleanse crystals with salt, the method is fairly simple and self-explanatory. With this technique, the salt soaks up the negative energy from your stones.

You can use a bit of salt in your water bath to enhance its effects or add salt to your herb mixtures. You can even add a pinch of salt to your dirt for the earth method.

To cleanse with salt, fill a container with sodium of choice and let your crystals sit in the vessel. You should leave your stones in the salt for a minimum of 2-3 hours.

You might prefer table salt or you can go for something a bit fancier like Himalayan salt.

Whatever salt you use, some people prefer to let things go overnight just to be sure. When everything is done, simply pull your stones from the salt and brush or rinse them off.

It’s important to keep in mind that some stones should never be submerged in salt. Once again, selenite is a stone that can melt when it comes into contact with certain substances. Other low-hardness stones can also have trouble with this method.


Cleansing crystals with moonlight.

Another good way to cleanse your stones is moonlight. This is a simple, safe method that works for pretty much every crystal out there. All you need is a window and the night.

Make sure you choose a spot that’s safe from pets and children. Depending on the stability of your stone, you may want to also pick a spot that’s out of the elements.

The new moon tends to be best for cleansing, but any phrase will do. In fact, the full moon can have the added benefit of cleansing and charging a stone at the same time.

While there are no crystals that are outwardly harmed by this method, some gems don’t mesh as well with the energy of the moon. Stones that are tied to fire or earth or the sun may prefer a different method.


Cleansing with sunlight.

As another celestial light, the sun can work wonders at burning negative energy away. Much like the moonlight method, this is a safe, easy way to cleanse pretty much any crystal out there.

Simply place your stone where it can be in the sun for a few hours. When you return, you should have a refreshed crystal with warm, vibrant energy.

Make sure to place the stone out of the reach of any prying hands or paws. It may also be a good idea to pick a spot out of the wind and rain.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to sunlight is heat. Depending on the season, that windowsill might be radiating hotter than your gem can stand. If your crystal is a little less stable, you might want to try a different technique.


Cleansing crystals with breath.

Much like with incense, breath cleansing is a form of purification through the air. This method is safe and effective for nearly every gem imaginable and requires no extra tools, containers, or ingredients. All you need is you and your stone.

To purify a crystal through breath, you simply hold the stone in your palm. You’ll likely want to be somewhere quiet with few distractions since the next part requires a bit of focus.

Once you’re all settled in, hold the stone and breathe. As you breathe in, picture the stone filling with a brilliant positive light. Try to imagine all the flecks or smudges of darkness blowing away as you breathe out.

Repeat these steps until there’s no more gunky energy to breathe away. This method may take practice, but it can be extremely effective.

Black stones that are connected to the earth may want something more solid. Fiery stones might want something hotter. Yet, for the most part, there is no stone this method harms.


Cleansing with thought.

One of the simplest ways to clear your crystals of any negative energy is with thought. Like the breath method, using thought to clear your crystals requires no extra tools or ingredients.

To cleanse your crystals with thought, simply hold the stone you’re working within your hand. You may choose to sit down or find a quiet place where you can focus better.

In all reality, you don’t even need to hold the stone. You just need to know which one you’re working with.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to imagine the crystal. Get a good picture of it in your mind. See all the gunk that’s clogging up its energy.

From there, you can imagine that negativity being washed, or burned, or melted away by some kind of positive energy. Maybe it’s a bright blue light filling your stone from within until there’s no room left for the dark energy? Perhaps it’s a golden shimmer overtaking the blackness?

Whatever way you see it will be personal to you and, sometimes, even the specific crystal you’re working with. In general, this method works well with any stone. Some crystals, like those with a heavy tie to the earth, may prefer more physical methods like the dirt method. Yet, there’s no danger to any crystal simply from your thoughts.

When Should You Cleanse Your Stone?

How often you cleanse your crystals is going to depend on a variety of factors. The more you use them, the more often they’ll need an energetic scrub.

With that said, a good rule of thumb is to cleanse your gemstones at least once a month. The more you can do it, the better.

Additionally, this is the first thing you should do when you bring a new stone or crystal home. Cleansing frees the stone up to work with you in the here and now without the negative weight of the past. If you think about it, even the smallest quartz point at the bottom of the barrel in your local rock shop has gone through countless hands.

When it was mined, someone touched it. When it was shipped, someone else touched it then too, and it passed uncountable numbers of people on the way to the store. The shop owner had their hands on it. People passing by might have picked it up to look at it.

You just never know what energy a new stone might be harboring. This goes doubly so for older jewelry, family heirlooms, and anything you get out of a pawn shop or antique store.

Are There Crystals That Don’t Need Cleansing?

This is a tricky question to answer. There are some who insist all stones need to be cleansed from time to time. They say that it’s ridiculous to think otherwise.

After all, some of the gems we’re about to list have cousins with similar mineral makeups that do need to be cleansed. However, it’s widely accepted that there are a few high-energy crystals that vibrate with such bright energy that they don’t ever need cleansing.

Of course, them not needing to be cleansed doesn’t mean you can’t. If you feel that your stone needs some fine-tuning or you just want to, there’s nothing stopping you from giving it an energy bath.


Selenite can be translucent to a milky-colored stone that forms in wands, tubes, and even round clusters. It’s a stone of purity and calm. The entire vibe of this gem is one of peace and positivity. It’s been said by many that selenite’s influence over purity is so strong that the stone itself never needs to be purified. Considering how brittle its structure is, that’s a good thing.


Kyanite is a blue, purple, or black stone that forms in sheeted blades. Much like selenite, this gorgeous gem is all about the good vibes. In fact, kyanite is said to be one of the best stones when it comes to battling anxiety and depression. With all this negativity-busting power, it’s no wonder people say that this stone never needs cleansing.


Citrine is a powerhouse of warmth and energy. A high vibration form of quartz, it radiates with the power of the sun itself. This stone transforms lives and burns away negative emotions. That same heat applies to itself. According to some, citrine is simply too hot for the gunk to attach.

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