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Are you looking to get a numerology reading? Maybe you want to find valuable information about your future. Maybe you’re curious about your life’s purpose, or destiny. 

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What is a Numerology Reading?

The three most important numbers in numerology are our soul urge number, destiny number, and life path number. 

In general, numerology deals with, and derives meaning from, numbers in our lives.

Numerology is based on the idea that all things are systematic and have patterns, including people. Therefore, different signs, numbers, words, and symbols in our lives can be assigned numbers, to provide information about who we are and what our purpose is.

What is a Soul Urge Number In a Numerology Reading?

The soul urge number is a significant figure in numerology.

That is to say, this number gives you spiritual insight into what drives and motivates your soul. Therefore, it can help you to identify who you are at the very core of your being. In addition, it can identify what motivates you and your soul’s true desires.

How you can discover your own Soul Urge Number

Your soul urge number is calculated using the vowels from your entire birth name and assigning each vowel to a numerology chart.

So, when calculating your soul urge number, it is important to use your birth name, rather than a nickname or a married name. 

A Pythagorean numerology chart assigns each letter of the alphabet to a single-digit number.

Therefore, A=1, B=2, C=3, and continues on. After I=9, the next letter goes back to J=1 and continues again from one through nine.

When using this chart, the vowels are each given the following numbers: A=1, E=5, I=9, O=6, U=3, and Y=7.

To get your personal soul urge number, add together all of the values for the vowels in your entire name.

Finally, if the total is a single digit, 11, or 22 that is your number. However, if it is any other number, add the digits together.

For instance, if the vowels add up to 37 you would add them to get 3+7=10. However, because ten is a two-digit number that is not 11 or 12, you would add them again, 1+0=1. So, the number would be one.

Numerology Reading Soul Urge Number Meanings

Soul Urge Number 1

These people can be intimidating due to their passionate and independent nature. In addition, they crave stimulation and can be perfectionists.

Soul Urge Number 2

These people are a powerful force in a quiet form. Similarly, they tend to be constantly working behind the scenes and are usually persuasive and trusted.

Soul Urge Number 3

These people have a spirit of joy and excitement. As a result, they tend to have a healthy love of life and adventure.

Similarly, they retain their child-like spirit into adulthood.

Soul Urge Number 4

These people are reliable, fair, and ethical. In fact, they usually have a strong sense of right and wrong and do not see gray areas. Also, they thrive on routine and traditional values.

Soul Urge Number 5

These people are the “free spirits” of society. In addition, they usually have a hard time getting tied down to a commitment.

That said, they have fantastic energy and good vibes. Also, they embrace progressive thinking.

Soul Urge Number 6

These people are natural nurturers. Moreover, they genuinely want the best for others and freely offer advice and guidance. 

They can be easily taken advantage of for their kind nature.

Soul Urge Number 7

These people are highly intelligent dreamers. Also, they tend to appreciate learning and personal growth and can be introverted.

In fact, they often come up with creative solutions.

Soul Urge Number 8

These people are drawn to success. In addition, they tend to be organized, highly efficient, and self-disciplined individuals. Also, they are often good at nearly everything they attempt.

Soul Urge Number 9

These people are contemplative of inner-being and purpose.

Usually, they tend to be very generous with their energy, money, and time, but they can be very unsympathetic to everyday concerns which they easily rise above.

Soul Urge Number 11

These people are very intuitive spiritually. Typically, they are sensitive, empathic, and can easily get caught up in their thoughts.

Additionally, they are well-liked by their peers.

Soul Urge Number 22

These people are “old souls” who are wise beyond their years. In addition, they may have unconscious memories of the Divine and feel homesick for another place.

Moreover, they may feel constantly out of place.

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What is a Life Path Number in a Numerology Reading?

Your life path number is based on your birthday and reveals essential information about your personality, outlooks, and challenges in life.

How you can discover your own Numerology Reading Life Path Number

Your life path number is very easy to calculate. First, write out the numerical value of your birthday (day, month, and year), and add the digits up for each category.

Next, add those digits up. Continue until you have a single digit. 

For example: if your birthday was May 15, 1992 you would write it out as 5/15/1992. For the month, 5 is a single digit, so it stays as 5. Next, for the day, 1+5=6, so you would have 6.

Finally, for the year, 1+9+9+2=21, then combine those 2+1=3. Now you add 5+6+3=14, then 1+4=5. So, this person’s life path number would be five.

The only time it gets more complicated, is when you get a master number, an 11 or 22. That is to say, you do not reduce these two numbers. 

For instance, if your birthday was November 8, 1994 then you would not reduce the month down from 11. You leave the 11 as it is. For the day, you already have a single digit, 8.

For the year, 1+9+9+4=23, then 2+3=5. Next, you would add 11+8+5=24, then 2+4=6. As a result, this person’s life path number would be six.

Numerology Reading Life Path Number Meanings

Life Path Number 1

Ones are leaders who tend to be ambitious and successful. Moreover, they can be overprotective and prone to anger.

Life Path Number 2

Twos are creatives who are kind and empathetic. Also, they can become overly dependent in relationships.

Life Path Number 3

Threes are high-energy people who thrive on attention, which they usually get easily. Moreover, they have a hard time committing and focusing on projects.

Life Path Number 4

Fours are principled, reliable individuals who make good friends. However, they can become inflexible and overly dependent on schedules.

Life Path Number 5

Fives are inquisitive and intellectuals who appreciate the little things in life. Meanwhile, they may overindulge and come off as superficial.

Life Path Number 6

Sixes are compassionate, curious, and impassioned activists. In addition, they may have a hard time with consistency and self-care.

Life Path Number 7

Sevens are creative imaginers who are rarely bored and can entertain themselves. Likewise, they may have a hard time connecting with others.

Life Path Number 8

Eights are ambitious, self-sufficient, and good with money. Also, they are prone to becoming a workaholic.

Life Path Number 9

Nines are deeply principled people who tend to be stylish, agreeable, and generous. As a result, they may be unwilling to compromise with others.

What is a Destiny Number in a Numerology Reading?

Your destiny number is based on the numerology of your full birth name. Above all, it offers information about your strengths, weaknesses, potential career paths, and more.

How you can discover your own Destiny Number

Similar to your soul urge number, the destiny number is based on the numerical value of the letters in your name.

For your destiny number, add together all the letters of your name, instead of just the vowels.

Finally, if you have a number with more than one digit, continue to add the digits together until you reach a one-digit number, or a master number of 11, 22, or 33.

Numerology Reading Destiny Number Meanings

Destiny Number 1 

This number represents people who want to be number one in everything they do.

In the same vein, they like to lead, hold high expectations of others, and can become disappointed and frustrated when things don’t match their vision.

Destiny Number 2

These people bring harmony, balance, love, and peace with them. Likewise, they care deeply about others. Also, they can be prone to isolation and pessimism.

Destiny Number 3

The purpose of destiny three people is to inspire and uplift others. They are optimists who focus on performance.

They can become depressed if they do not seek their life’s calling.

Destiny Number 4

This number represents builders who like security, stability, and being a part of a community. Also, they may become overly rigid.

Destiny Number 5

These people strive for change, freedom, and adventure. As a result, they may face a roller coaster of emotions or be prone to speaking without a filter.

Destiny Number 6

The purpose of sixes is to provide for and nurture others. They are creators of love and beauty. They may create problems for themselves to fix.

Destiny Number 7

The destiny of these people is to develop their faith and analyze the meaning of life. They tend to be contemplative but can withdraw into themselves. 

Destiny Number 8

These people tend to easily manifest money and seek financial security.  Also, they are naturally generous but can be misunderstood due to their stubborn nature.

Destiny Number 9

This number represents people of higher consciousness. Meanwhile, they tend to be romantics and teachers and are susceptible to disappointments.

Destiny Number 11

The master number represents people who heal and enrich others with their creativity and intuition. That said, they can come across as pushy overachievers.

Destiny Number 22

The destiny of this master number is to bring practical and inspiring ideas to others.  Also, they may feel unsure of their life’s purpose.

Destiny Number 33

These people with the last master number are the master healers of the Earth. Their destiny number is a double three, meaning they need to approach life from a place of joy.

Numerology Reading: Conclusion

In conclusion, we are surrounded by information about our life, purpose, and self. Luckily, we just need to know the code to access the information. Numerology gives us the codes to these messages.

As a result, we can derive meaning and learn about ourselves through our name and birthdate using soul urge, life path, and destiny numbers.

Keep in mind, there is more to numerology than just these numbers. For example, the universe can send us messages by showing us angel numbers. You can read about some common angel numbers here, here and here

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