Charoite Stone | Meaning & Properties [Ultimate Guide]


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Ever heard of Charoite? If not, you’re probably not alone.

When we think of healing crystals, we often think of the super popular heavy-hitters.

Basically, there are a handful of primary stones that most people are aware of, even if they aren’t crystal connoisseurs.

These well-known stones would include Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Citrine, etc.

But there are several less well-known gemstones that still have powerful healing properties – one such example is Charoite. 

Never heard of it? That’s not entirely surprising!

Often, miners dig up common gemstones all across the world, from Uruguay, to Madagascar, to Canada.

However, Charoite is only typically mind in one location on earth.

In addition, this gemstone was only discovered in 1940 (in the Chara River area of Russia in East Siberia.)

History & Discovery

In fact, it was rather unlikely that anyone ever discovered this beautiful crystal was at all.

Why is that?

The Chara region as a whole is rather isolated and desolate. There are only 1900 people living in hundreds of square miles of this desolate territory!

Basically, the entire area of Eastern Siberia is one of the least populated places on earth. It has around .5 people per every square kilometer.

So how was the gemstone discovered?

In the 1940s, Russia built a rail tunnel not far from the Chara river. After extensive dynamite blasting, people discovered the gemstone in a local mountain.

At first, people referred to it as lilac stone because of its blueish-purple color.

However, the stone was eventually renamed after the Chara River.

The gem was first used by people for standard decorative purposes.

One such use was to produce bookends Charoite bookends. Later, around 1978, people began using it in jewelry making.

Historical healing uses

Nobody knows for sure, but it is a definite and little known fact that the Russian people were quite spiritual.

In fact, Eastern Siberian culture actually incorporates mystics and shamans.

Russia in general (and Eastern Siberia in particular) is a harsh country with hard living and relatively few doctors.

Therefore, it is rather common for people to go to mystics to help solve their problems and ills.

At some point, these mystics and healers began to incorporate Charoite into their rituals.


charoite gemstone

photo by Ra’ike, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Charoite typically comes in beautiful shades of lilac. In fact, it has been given the nickname “lilac stone”.

Its beautiful purple hue also contains spots of brown, grey, gold and black.

Particularly when polished, the swirling patterns that appear on its surface look a bit like ocean waves, or desert sand dunes.

Due to its deep purple color, some people mistake Charoite for different types of Amethyst.

Is Charoite Expensive?

When we think of expensive gems, we immediately think of diamonds.

One thing everyone knows, is that diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth

It’s true. In the field of mineralogy, there is a hardness scale called the Mohs scale.

Diamonds are at the top of the list with a hardness scale of 1500.

Topaz comes in 3rd at 200, while quartz, which comes in at 4th, has a hardness of 100.

So how does charoite compare? Not good. Charoite is relatively soft at 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale.

In short, charoite is relatively rare but also extremely soft.

Manufacturers can make jewelry out of it, but it is not jewelry suitable for wearing every day.

Therefore, it is not one of the most expensive gemstones. However, price doesn’t always reflect beauty, or power!

Meaning and Properties

Let’s start with spirituality.

Expert healers sometimes use Charoite to create a balance between a one’s crown chakra and their heart chakra.

This helps balance emotions, and produces a dampening of the effects of negative thoughts and emotions.

Charoite is a ‘soul stone’, and its spiritual influences will remind you to live life to the fullest now.

Similarly, Charoite may be able to deepen your overall ability to receive spiritual wisdom and teachings.

Protective influences

Wearing the gem is not the only way to obtain its powers.

Many mystics recommend placing a piece of the gemstone underneath your pillow at night.

People say by placing a piece of the gem underneath their pillow at night.

In essence, this is done to ward off spells, negative spirits, and bad dreams.

And for a few dollars, it’s worth a try to have restful sleep, particularly for the little ones.

Awakening psychic abilities

Almost everyone has natural mystical energy flowing through them, but most people have difficulty channeling this energy properly.

If that fits you, Charoite could be the gemstone to harness and control those energies.

Similarly, this powerful stone may be able to provide one with protection against psychic attacks.

A gemstone to provide insight

Among this gemstone’s many properties, is its ability to provide insight into your life.

Do you have an important life lessons to learn about love, life, or relationships?

The gemstone may be able to help.

In addition to this, Charoite can act as a stone of transformation.

It can connect you with lingering life lessons that you attempted to learn in your past lives.

Similarly, this amazing gemstone may help you get over disappointments from past lives, helping you tackle these in the present.

And whether you carry disappointments from a past life, or from this life, the gem can give you the courage to start over.

Acceptance of life

This gemstone may be able to help us accept life as it is now, and to live in the present.

An important spiritual principle is that no matter what you face, the present moment is perfect as it is.

All things, whether good or bad, are temporary, and will come and go like the tides.

This does not mean that we should  passively sit back and accept that life is hard.

Rather, by living in the present, we can alter our future for the better.

Charoite may be able to assist us in doing just that – staying attuned to the present.

In doing so, we are more easily able to except the challenges and trials that life presents us with.

Providing an experience of non-duality

As we have learned, this gemstone may help raise our inner vibrations toward the spiritual realm.

Here is another way that Charoite may be able to assist in this.

Non-duality (or loss of ego) is an important experience on the road to spiritual enlightenment.

When we feel like our ‘self’ is a separate entity from our bodies, it can be difficult to observe the nature of reality.

A product of this, is that people have constant chatter within their minds, which makes it extremely difficult for them to stay present.

Charoite may be able to quiet this internal chatter, making us more present.

By being fully present, we can experience non-duality, also known as loss of ego.

This is typically a primary goal in many spiritual practices. As such, achieving non-duality can bring us closer to the universal spiritual realm.

Monks from every religion in the world have used gemstones to help center their meditation.

In fact, this gemstone may be yet another powerful meditative tool.

Improve your self esteem

Secret of the mentions that another positive quality of the gemstone is that it will boost your personal self-esteem.

Many people carry self-esteem problems from past lives or are stunted by personal and business failures in their present life.

This gemstone helps people regain their personal sense of inner power.

In a similar way, Charoite may be able to reduce our nerves when performing in front of crowds.

This is yet another way Charoite could possibly influence the self confidence someone using it.

Improve the clarity of your thinking

Many people, including highly successful people, have what the Buddhists and the Tao Monks termed monkey-mind.

Many people are fairly successful at ordinary life tasks.

However, when it comes to emotional and spiritual relaxation, they can’t seem to control their mind.

Instead, their mind seems to control them.

This gemstone, according to many healers, can go a long way towards slowing down our thoughts.

Charoite Properties In a Nutshell

  • As the vibrations of the gemstone help align people with their greatest good, one used for the gemstone is to find love and relationships. Without love and close relationships, life is fairly meaningless for most people. People resist love due to blocks and fears, and Charoite may help to relieve those blocks.
  • Another emotional use for the gemstone is to help people improve their decision making. Being unable to clearly make decisions is a definite barrier to life. This gemstone can definitely improve your ability to make life-affirming decisions.
  • Many people also report the gemstone increases their overall luck in life(This doesn’t necessarily mean that winning Powerball numbers will come to you in your sleep!)
  • In fact, you may find that Charoite gives you increased willpower. This can be useful to resist tempting, instant cure-all fixes like flying off to Las Vegas to bet your life savings on a hand of blackjack.
  • By clarifying your life path, Charoite may help you finally decide to quit your humdrum job and pursuit your dreams. For others, it may give you the courage to undertake a life of services such as becoming a doctor or a social worker.

Living the spiritual life

There has been a virtual revolution in spiritual living throughout the world.

People are no longer satisfied with going to church once a week for an hour, figuring that it makes them all square with God.

As a result, people have begun to explore many mystical traditions over the past 50 or so years.

Of course, most of these traditions are much older than that.

In any case, meditation is a valuable practice that is incorporated in many new age spiritual traditions.

Many meditators have discovered aids that allow them to more easily reach deep meditative states.

One example of such an aid, is a gemstone (or many…) placed near the meditator.

In recent times, some meditators have actually  incorporated Charoite stones into their practice.

Many of them say they feel Charoite is able to enhance and control their spiritual vibrations, and align their chakras.

Spiritual people don’t want to live with their ‘head in the clouds.’

Much more important, is to have their chakras aligned, and be connected to higher realities.

Amazingly, this gemstone may be able to align your chakras and thrust your entire aura in to a new level of positivity.

For a complete guide to using crystals in chakra healing, check out this article!

How is Charoite Commonly Used?

Some people use Charoite in the form of heart-shaped pendants to wear over their hearts, thus stimulating their heart chakra.

Others prefer to have their lilac gems fashioned into prayer beads to wear around their wrists.

Prayer bead stones can be worn alone or mixed with other beads such as Rudraksha beads or coral.

Rudraksha beads are also associated with protection, and when combined with Charoite gems, can accelerate that protection.

Meanwhile, pink coral in particular is also associated with the heart chakra.

And beads of the Charoite, interspersed with coral, make a powerful combination for keeping the heart energies flowing and strong.

Finally, many people find that Charoite towers, points and polished spheres project many healing benefits when simply placed around their home.

Charoite For Pets

The gemstone is not just useful for humans.

As these stones are fairly inexpensive, many people are experimenting with using them on their pets.

Some dogs and cats that seem to have a sweet personality one day, and are anti-social the next. 

These critters might find that a Charoite amulet attached to their collar helps stabilize their personality.

Where to Buy Charoite

Whenever looking to purchase gemstones, we always recommend going with a reputable supplier.

And of course, purchasing Charoite should be no exception.

For this reason, we recommend that our readers checkout the Charoite available at Rock Paradise by clicking here. 


As you can see, Charoite is a powerful stone with many incredible benefits.

And, unlike many gemstones, you don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a quality stone.

In fact,  Charoite can often be obtained for less than a dollar a carrot.

Therefore, if you are curious about all the benefits of this gemstone you can try it out quite cheaply, as compared to some other stones.

Keep in mind, that crystal healing is a deeply personal endeavor.

Therefore, different stones may evoke different effects depending on their user.

Furthermore, the specific mindset and intentions of the user can affect a stone’s influences in any particular healing session.

The best way to learn what spiritual effects Charoite has on you is to simply pick up a piece and see…

So, now that you know the meaning and properties of Charoite, you can begin using it in your healing practices today!

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