3 Best Places to Buy Crystals Online in 2022

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Whether you’re a crystal beginner or pro, if you are wondering where to buy crystals online, it can be hard to know where to look. Thankfully, we’ve done our research and put together our list of the top 3 best places to buy crystals online!

You’re taking a truly important step on your crystal journey by spending this time researching where to buy crystals.

We took into consideration several factors when deciding which shops to include, and how to rank them. Above all, the main things we considered were crystal quality, affordability, and fast shipping. 

With that in mind, read on to discover the 3 best online crystal sellers for all your crystal needs!

#1 Rock Paradise (rockparadise.com)

This is our top pick to buy crystals online, and for good reason! Rock Paradise has one of the largest crystal collections in North America.

Location in California, they are an extremely well-known and highly rated crystal seller. Moreover, they have been in the game for a long time selling ethically sourced crystals and gems.

Their countless glowing reviews are a testament to the high-quality, and extremely high level of beauty of their crystals. Therefore, for anyone looking to buy crystals online, Rock Paradise should definitely be the first place you look.

As soon as you land on their website, you’ll notice a stunning display of featured crystals. In addition, they have sections of their site dedicated to different categories of crystals, including jewelry and home decor.

Speaking of home decor, check out their absolutely stunning crystal gemstone planters:

Crystal Gemstone Planter Pots

Another favorite from Rock Paradise is their 7 Chakra Worry Stone Sets, and their Horoscope Birthstone Crystal Sets:

chakra stone set
7 Chakra Worry Stone Set

birthstone pack

Horoscope Birthstone Sets

As you can see, their crystals are absolutely stunning. Along with the gorgeous pieces above, they have tons of crystal jewelry and raw gemstones. In addition, they have just about every shape and type of crystal you can imagine!

Be sure to use the search feature on their site to find exactly what you’re looking for, since their selection is so huge.


  • Huge selection of high-quality crystals at the most affordable prices
  • Fast shipping, and very highly rated seller with tons of positive feedback
  • All kinds of crystals, from raw/polished stones to jewelry, to home decor items


  • No shipping to Mexico, and some other countries

Buy Crystals From Rock Paradise – Conclusion:

Whether you are new to healing crystals, or a seasoned expert, Rock Paradise is your best bet for finding all kinds of gorgeous crystals. Moreover, they have crystals at the most affordable prices. In fact, they can also provide wholesale as well!

They never compromise in quality, and they are renowned for being world-leading experts in everything crystal-related!

#2 Throwing Stones (throwingstones.com)

Throwing Stones is a family-owned and operated crystal shop located in North Carolina. They have been sourcing and selling crystals around the world for 15 years. In addition, they are a regular fixture at the popular annual crystal and gemstone shows. These include shows in places like Tuscon, Denver, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more!

While they have a wide array of popular crystals, they also specialize in finding rare and unique gemstone varieties. Moreover, they have strong relationships with mines around the world, and take great care to ensure that they sell only the most ethically sourced crystals and gemstones.

Just check out this gorgeous Rose Quartz Sacred Geometry Set:

rose quartz sacred geometry set
Rose Quartz Sacred Geometry Set


  • They have rare and unique minerals not available at many crystal shops
  • Their huge selection of crystals means they have virtually every stone or mineral you are looking for
  • They ship internationally


  • They don’t have a huge selection of gemstone home decor items like lamps, tables, etc.

Buy Crystals From Throwing Stones – Conclusion:

Throwing Stones made out top 3 list for a reason – they have nearly every crystal under the sun, are highly rated, and their stuff is just gorgeous! If there is a rare gemstone you can’t find anywhere else, chances are they’ve got it and will ship it to you no matter where you are located. Definitely an A+ seller!

#3 Amazon 

You may be surprised to see Amazon on this list, but over the last several years they have demonstrated themselves as having a wide abundance of beautiful and high-quality crystals.

While you must take some care to ensure you only buy crystals on Amazon that have good reviews and ratings, you can find some gorgeous and high-quality gemstones there at very affordable prices.

Of course, Amazon sells nearly everything, and just like with any of their products, there are some good quality ones and some not so good quality.

That said, if you are careful to look at reviews/star ratings, you can find some excellent crystals on Amazon.

For example, just take a look at these gorgeous crystals available on Amazon.com


  • Because it’s Amazon, they ship virtually anywhere
  • If you do some digging, you can find almost any crystal you can imagine
  • Again, Amazon has some of the best prices anywhere


  • There are also many low-quality items and you must take care to sort through items and read reviews 

Buy Crystals From Amazon – Conclusion:

Just as Amazon has many pros, it also has its cons. When buying almost anything from Amazon, you must take great care to read as many reviews as you can and do your own research. 

That said, we were pretty impressed by their selection of quality crystals at very affordable prices!

Where to Buy Crystals: Conclusion

In summary, the best place to buy crystals online, from our experience, is Rock Paradise. If you’re wondering where to buy crystals that are real, beautiful, and not over-priced, you should know that some of the most experienced crystal experts choose this store every time.

They are high-class crystal sellers (they even make our list for best raw Amethyst products)! We love their home decor options, and the types of crystal sets and kits they have available. 

Of course, the other options listed are great as well. Ultimately, you should browse the sites we’ve mentioned and see for yourself! 

Now the only thing left to do is hop over to one of those sites and grab some gorgeous crystals for your collection today!

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