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raw blue calcite

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Blue Calcite is a wonderfully soothing stone, both in appearance and in its effects. 

There are several different types of calcite stones that exist. These include Yellow Calcite, Orange Calcite, and of course, Blue Calcite.

In general, Calcites are quite common in nature, and they occur naturally in many parts of the world. 

That said, the blue variety of calcite is rarer than most of the other varieties.

Typically, it is only found in a few places. Namely, in Mexico and South Africa.

But beyond its beautiful sky-blue tones, does this stone possess healing properties?

It absolutely does!

In this article we will discuss Blue Calcite in depth. First, we will discuss its physical traits and characteristics.

We will touch on its appearance and occurrence in nature. 

Next, we will cover the metaphysical properties of this stone. 

As you will discover, this crystal is a rather powerful healer that possesses many benefits.

Finally, we will cover its common  uses in crystal healing, and where to buy high quality Blue Calcite.

By the end of this article you’ll be itching to grab a piece so you can experience the benefits of this stone for yourself!


One of the first things anyone is sure to notice about Blue Calcite is its wonderfully soft, pastel blue hue.

Often, its color is likened to that of a soft blue sky. 

The stone has a slight translucent depth to it, adding to the beauty of this stone. 

While it is not as translucent as some types of quartz, it is not entirely opaque. 

Its semi-translucence gives way to brilliant darker shades of blue, as well as white just beneath its surface.


The stone tends to vary slightly in lightness and saturation depending on the piece. 

Some pieces are a deep saturated blue in color. Others, are paler, almost reminiscent of a foggy blue haze. 

The coloration tends to range from an almost purply-blue, to a soft bright baby blue hue. 

In all cases, billowy white cloud-like shapes weave in and out of the pure blue sections. 

Overall, this stone is incredibly pleasing to the eye, and its beauty can’t be denied.

It is therefore no surprise that people have been making jewelry out of this gorgeous stone for centuries!


Upon seeing this stone up close, one cannot help but feel a rush of soothing, tranquil energy overcome them.

This sense of tranquility is in fact central to the Blue Calcite meaning. 

Just like viewing a peaceful blue sky often invokes a sense of awe and majesty, so does this gemstone. 

There is something incredibly humbling about a vast blue sky.

Typically, looking upwards into its vast emptiness gives us a powerful sense of meaning and perspective. 

It is no surprise then, that many cultures partake in “sky gazing” as a form of meditation. 

This fact can give us a hint into the symbolic nature of the Blue Calcite meaning. 

Namely, that this wonderful stone represents balance, knowledge, and comfort.


Blue Calcite has many amazing properties, and has been used in crystal healing quite frequently.

Its calming effects extend far beyond just the physical. That said, this stone is said to be incredibly useful for anyone who is feeling emotional turbulence. 

Beyond its purported physical calming effects, this stone has the ability to cleanse and clarify our aura.

By acting as a filter that takes in and cleanses negative energies, this stone provides protective energies as well. 

In fact, it is such a powerful stone that it can permeate not just our waking lives, but our dreams too. 

Opening the Throat Chakra

Blue Calcite is known to be particularly effective at targeting the throat chakra, and third-eye chakra.

When working on the throat-chakra, this crystal can assist in facilitating calm communication. 

This is incredibly valuable when discussing difficult issues, or talking to someone with starkly opposing views.  

Where we may otherwise be prone to strong emotional responses, Blue Calcite allows us to relax these tendencies.

As a result, we can communicate effectively even with those who we are in strong disagreement. 


Opening the Third-Eye Chakra

As mentioned, Blue Calcite is also particularly effective at channeling the third-eye chakra.

This chakra is responsible for intuition, illumination, and clairvoyance (among other things).

When working on the third-eye chakra, this stone can calm our inner voices. 

This can allow us to transcend our physical nature.  In turn, we can better communicate with the universe on a spiritual level.

This also make Blue Calcite a particularly useful stone for astral travel and psychic intuition.

When meditating with this crystal, we may begin to experience a dampening of the conscious mind.

Don’t fret! This is the stone doing its job. 

In essence, its ability to quiet our mind also augments our spiritual intuition. 

In this way, this extraordinary crystal can help us bridge the gap between body and spirit.

(for an in-depth look at chakra crystal healing, check out THIS handy guide!)

Strengthening Intuition

By freeing us from constant overthinking, this stone allows us to communicate on a spiritual level.

For this reason, many people use this stone along with Angel Aura when doing any sort of angel work.

The calming effects of this stone are so powerful, that it can calm our body to the point of freeing our spirit.

When our spirit is light and free, our intuition becomes tuned with the universe.

In this way, Blue Calcite can help us hone our innate psychic abilities.

With sharpened intuition, comes clarity and perspective.

This can enable us to make good decisions that will benefit us in the long term.


As you can see, this gorgeous stone is also a wonderfully powerful healer.

Its metaphysical properties make it an excellent tool to be used in any crystal healing practice.

Below are some specific ways you can incorporate Blue Calcite into your life.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways this stone can be used.

There are countless approaches to crystal healing, and this type of calcite can be incorporated in many ways.

Dream Regulation

Because Blue Calcite is such a powerful dream regulator, you can keep a piece on your bedside table. 

By doing so, the stone will cast its soothing aura around you while you sleep.

This provides a powerful form of protection against bad dreams and restlessness. 

The visions that this crystal encourages in our dreams, are ones that are blissful.

That said, this crystal is not likely to encourage dreams of indulgent pleasure.

Rather, the soothing aura it casts provides our subconscious with peace and tranquility.

Rather than fiery passion, it provides a gentle euphoria. 

This can result in dreams that are pleasurable, yet deeply meaningful.

Wearing Blue Calcite for Protection

Another common usage for Blue Calcite is to wear it on jewelry. 

By wearing Blue Calcite, its healing effects can benefit you while you go about your day.

In this way, the crystal can offer us its calming and soothing protective aura.

This protection can be from outside influence, like negative energies or intentions.

However, what we often need protection from is our own insecurities and weaknesses.

Here, Blue Calcite offers us the ability to stay present and focused.

When we can avoid succumbing to negative thoughts, we can be productive and efficient.

In this way, Blue Calcite protects our best intentions and efforts from be derailed by negativity. 

Blue Calcite to Navigate Conflict

The protection offered by Blue Calcite is particularly important when it comes to conflict.

This is particularly useful if we experience any form of conflict in our day to day life. 

If conflict occurs, wearing Blue Calcite will keep us centered so we can navigate it calmly.

As we have all experienced, an initial conflict is not always the actual cause of our grief.

Rather, it is how we respond to that conflict that matters most.

Often, our negative response to conflict with someone will cause them to respond negatively in turn.

This can perpetuate a cycle of hostility and negativity. 

Thankfully, Blue Calcite can break this cycle.

By helping us stay calm and centered, we can ensure our reactions are constructive.

For these reasons, Blue Calcite should be worn when dealing with difficult coworkers, or disagreeable family members.

Caring For Blue Calcite

One thing to note about this stone is that it is extremely soft.

As compared to many other crystals, Blue Calcite can be easily damaged.

Any moderately acidic substance will cause the stone to start to dissolve.

For example, even something like wine or vinegar will begin to fizzle if it comes in contact with the stone.  

With prolonged exposure to acid, the stone may actually dissolve completely.

For this reason, Blue Calcite used in jewelry is treated using a special process that hardens it.

Essentially, this makes the stone more durable, so it can keep its brilliance for years.

Charging & Cleansing Blue Calcite

The most common way to cleanse Blue Calcite is by running under pure water.

Of course, because the stone is soft, you should ensure the water does not contain any corrosive minerals.

Another way you can charge and cleanse the stone is under moonlight. 

By allowing your crystal to rest under the light of the moon, it can absorb the moon’s cleansing energy.

Keeping Blue Calcite Beautiful

Another important tip is to always wash your hands before touching your calcite.

This goes with any crystal, but particularly with softer ones.

The bacteria and oils on our hands can eventually start to affect the stone’s surface.

By only touching Calcite with clean hands, we can keep the stone fresh and beautiful for much longer.

Even though it might seem like our hands are clean, its a good idea to wash with soap before touching our crystals. 

Buying Blue Calcite

It is important to make sure that you only purchase high quality crystals.

For one thing, higher quality crystals will just look better!

But not only that, high grade crystals may actually have more robust healing qualities. 

For this reason, we always recommend buying only from reputable suppliers.

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Blue Calcite Freeform Cut Base

blue calcite

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Blue Calcite Raw Stones

Blue calcite

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Large Raw Blue Calcite Chunk

Blue calcite rough stone


As you have learned, the blue form of calcite is a stone with a wonderful meaning, and powerful properties.

Its energies are deeply soothing and relaxing. It can calm us, while allowing us to rise above negativity.

Furthermore, it assist in dream regulation and conflict resolution. 

Just make sure to take good care of your calcite. Though it is powerful, it is also soft and delicate.

Other Calcite Varieties

As we mentioned previously, Blue Calcite is just one variety of calcite, but there are several more.

These include yellow, orange, and green calcite, just to name a few!

Each one of these stones has particular properties and characteristics. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you research each kind before deciding which is best for your purposes.

While some types of calcite are best for mending relationships, others are better for providing wisdom.

That said, all types of calcite can be used in the practice of crystal healing. 

If you’d like to learn more about the different types, stay tuned as our site gets updated constantly with new information!

See for Yourself!

While our words are meant to provide guidance, the best way to know a crystals effects are to use it!

Of course, crystal healing is a vey personal practice. 

As a result, the effects that one person feels from a crystal may be slightly difference for someone else.

It is important to try using a crystal yourself before deciding if its right or wrong for you.

That being said, there are certain qualities of various crystals that are universal. 

What makes the difference, is how strong or weak the vibrations can be perceived by any given person.

By reading this whole article, you have a very solid foundation of knowledge about this particular stone.

All that’s left is to grab a piece and experience its blissful tranquility for yourself!


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