Blue Apatite Meaning & Properties [Ultimate Guide]

blue apatite

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Blue Apatite is a truly amazing crystal. It is widely used in crystal healing, as it has many traits that give it very potent healing powers.

In terms of appearance, Blue Apatite’s hues of deep blue and turquoise are sometimes said to resemble a gorgeous oceanic scene. 

This gemstone has beauty and brawn; it truly has the whole package.

It has several uses across different areas, which makes it an all-rounder. Loved by crystal enthusiasts, and for a good reason, Apatite is bright in appearance and in energy. 

So much knowledge can come from studying and learning about Apatite. Moreover, learning to use this crystal provides so many positives.

It truly is one of the most interesting crystals one can acquire!

Fun Facts About Blue Apatite

blue apatite tumbled stones

It is commonly found in Myanmar, and India. That said, Apatite can occur naturally in several other places as well. 

Discovered in 1786, Apatite was named after the ancient Greek goddess Apate. According to legend, Apate is the goddess of deceit.

This might seem like a weird choice of name. However, it was named this because Apatite is so often mistaken for other crystals. Most often, it is mistaken for stones such as Rainbow Fluorite and Aquamarine.

During the Apollo space program, astronauts discovered traces of Apatite in moon rocks. Basalt is the name of the type of lunar rocks that had the Apatite within them. This discovery actually lead to a debate about whether there was water on the moon!

Here’s another fun fact about this stone. You can grind it up to make pigment! It provides color for paint, make-up, and dyes.

Lastly, its fantastic shade creates vibrant products across the world.  

Blue Apatite Appearance

Typically, Apatite is a striking bluish-green color that catches the eye. Its stunning hues of teal make it a popular choice for crystal lovers. Apatite can also have tones of yellow, violet, and even brown. 

Appetites swirling patterns and iridescent accents resemble the depths of the ocean. This stone is a truly attractive specimen.

Overall, Apatite is a popular choice for crystal lovers. This is no surprise, given its beautiful appearance and magical properties.

Though it is delicate, this stone appears in many different types of jewelry. In fact, it is a great choice for a gift to a loved one! The beaut of Apatite makes it a pleasure to look at. 

There is a luster to this stone. In fact, it seems to gleam and glow from within. The crystal has a luminous quality that houses an inner radiance and sparkle.

Upon close inspection, it seems almost otherworldly in its beauty.

Yellow Apatite has a golden glimmer and shines like the rays of the sun. Its color is vibrant and brilliant.

As a result, it lifts one’s mood and induces positive and happy energy. Its light-filled aura is captivating and charming.

Blue Apatite Meaning

The true Blue Apatite meaning is that it is a stone of growth and healing. In essence, its meaning represents the expansion of intelligence and the attainment of goals. It offers insight and inspiration to those who come across it. 

In addition, it is also a crystal that heightens natural psychic abilities. There is something magical about this stone.

It has a powerful vibration that can transform lives and increase the frequency of those around them. 

In Greek mythology, blue Apatite is closely related to Gaia, the Greek Earth Mother Goddess. It is nurturing, and those who use it form a deep bond with the stone. This crystal is empathetic and kind.

In astrology, the zodiac sign Gemini links to the crystal Apatite.

Common traits of Gemini are their gentle and tender nature, and an ability to learn fast. Gemini rules the third house (the house of expression, and relationships).

According to numerology, there is a connection between the number 9 and Apatite. The meaning of number 9 is spiritual awakenings, life purpose, and inner wisdom.

It can give you the power to see clearly in a spiritual, emotional, and rational sense.

Lastly, the number 9 is mystical and understanding. It is highly intuitive and is the all-seeing seer of numbers. The crystal Apatite has amazing psychic abilities.

Blue Apatite Healing Properties 

Apatite is a helpful stone that possesses many amazing healing qualities. Spiritual and mental healing are some of its main powers.

Favored by many crystal connoisseurs, the stone has so many useful abilities!

Apatite is a great choice for anyone facing low energy levels or feeling discouraged. In general, it can boost motivation and increase energy.

As a result, it is ideal to use when studying or dealing with a task that requires a lot of focus. 

Apatite is helpful to those who are lacking in vigor. This is because it provides more energy and is ideal when completing tasks.

On top of that, it counteracts burnout caused by stress and overworking.

In addition, it can help the wearer to overcome the feeling of not being “good enough”. Those who are self-conscious will benefit well from this stone as it improves confidence and self-belief.

Connecting with Apatite’s energy by carrying the stone around can help when feeling shy or awkward.

Finally, Apatite is perfect to use when the mind is dealing with feelings of confusion or frustration. It brings clarity, understanding, and soothes the troubled mind.

This stone can boost comprehension. This is because it can help the user to break down information more easily. 

Blue Apatite and the Seven Auric Layers

Blue apatite spheres

The physical body contains seven spiritual layers. These energy fields, called auras, surround the entire body and can be sensed by enlightened people.

When a person’s aura is healthy, it extends by several feet; if it is not, it shrinks in size. 

The seven auric layers are the vibration that a person gives off. These auras can contain information about an individual’s life, beliefs, and memories.

Each layer affects a different part of a person’s being, from the physical to the spiritual.

Yang energy affects the odd-numbered layers. On the other hand, Yin energy influences the even-numbered layers. Each layer has a connection to one of the seven Chakras.

They work together to support the various elements of a person’s spiritual body.

Apatite has a profound effect on the 2nd, 5th, and 6th layers. The 2nd layer is the emotional layer. In essence, this layer represents the emotions and feelings.

It is the second closest to the body and extends out by a couple of inches in the distance.

The 5th, Etheric Template, represents everything concerning the physical body. It heals when one expresses themselves. This layer extends out by about 2 feet.

Finally, the 6th layer is the Celestial layer. This connects to unconditional love, enlightenment, and oneness. It is the 6th furthest from the body and can reach as far as 3 feet from the body. 

Blue Apatite Spiritual Properties

Using Apatite can help people to understand what may be preventing them from achieving their goals. If there are any blockages within the user’s mindset, Apatite reveals and heals them.

Connecting to the universe

As Apatite is a great stone for communication. This is because it can help the user to connect with the Universe. One can improve their relationship with the higher power through Apatite.

This is because it helps the user to understand and receive messages from the beyond.

Psychic Abilities

Similarly, this stone is ideal for building and refining psychic abilities. It can enhance telepathy and connect with spirits, which makes it perfect for psychic abilities.

When using this stone, one can stimulate psychic visions. Similarly, it can give greater foresight and perception of the meaning and messages of these visions.

Lucid Dreaming & Past life vision

Apatite can increase the chances of lucid dreaming and astral travel. Generally, lucid dreaming requires clearing the mind. Apatite has properties that will enable the user to do this easily.

This crystal can help people in a variety of ways, especially in a spiritual sense.  

Apatite helps people to understand what happened in their past life. It can give the user insights into who they were before this current life cycle. In turn, this will give them clarity when studying who they are and what makes them special and unique.

Achieving one’s intentions

One of the greatest assets of Apatite is its manifestation abilities. Using this stone while trying to attract something can lead to better results. It can help the user to align with what they want.

In fact, it can even amplify their intention out into the Universe.

Finally, Apatite should benefit and help those in need. It has qualities that are similar to lightworkers. It truly wants to aid and assist those who use it.

Therefore, the stone can help one become the best version of themselves.

Apatite and The Chakras

Apatite is one of the ultimate healing stones. Its uses are endless, making it a practical spiritual tool. Overall, this stone is much more than a piece of eye-candy. 

This crystal can activate not one, but three of the seven Chakras in the body! It is mighty and valuable to those that use it for Chakra healing.

As a result, many natural therapy healers regularly use Apatite.

Throat Chakra

Blue Apatite is a great crystal for working with the Throat Chakra. This energy center governs the way that we communicate and express ourselves.

Using Apatite in this area can dispel stagnant energy.

This stone can help us with public speaking and feeling more comfortable talking in a group. While using this stone, we can share our thoughts and ideas.

Also, Blue Apatite can also improve our ability to focus.

Third Eye Chakra

Located in the pineal gland, the Third Eye is very powerful. It is the connection between the physical body and the other realms. When the Third Eye is open, one can experience more clarity and heightened awareness. 

Due to its metaphysical and psychic abilities, Apatite can activate the Third Eye. Inner wisdom, messages from the other dimensions, and enlightenment can be achieved with Apatite.

This crystal is stimulating, magical, and enchanting in every possible way.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus manages our ego, as well as feelings of self-worth. Many people refer to it as the power Chakra, as it controls our power. It is responsible for our self-esteem.

When stimulated, we can benefit from more confidence and self-love. 

Yellow Apatite can also activate the Solar Plexus chakra. The energy of this crystal can restore balance to the energy center. The benefits of yellow Apatite on the Solar Plexus can diminish feelings of self-loathing.

How to Use It

You can place this crystal onto the Throat, Third Eye, or Sacral Chakra while lying down during meditation. When you place Apatite near the energy center, it will activate it and heal any blockages.

If there is any blockage in the Chakras’ energy, Apatite will soothe it and remove it.

Wearing Blue Apatite

This stone works well when used during energy healing practices and rituals. Wearing Apatite around the neck during presentations will make the wearer feel calm and reduce anxiety.

It will help the words to flow and be clear, coherent, and articulate.

Blue Apatite Ritual baths

You can use Apatite as part of a healing bath routine. When placed into a warm bath, it will emit its vibration, which will transfer to the person who is bathing.

It will ease tension and promote the release of stressful energy.

Setting new years resolutions

You can also use this powerful crystal when setting New Year’s resolutions or writing out goals. Many people have found that this stone can help them clarify what they truly want in life.

Furthermore, it can provide insight into how to achieve these goals. To benefit from its effects, keep it nearby while journaling, setting intentions, or creating vision boards.

Blue Apatite energy-infused water

Take in the properties of Apatite through drinking water that has been transformed by its vibration. Many crystal water bottles contain Apatite.

They feature a two-way chamber that keeps the drinking water separate from the crystals. This is to protect against contamination. That said, the vibration of the crystal is still absorbed within the water.

Just make sure the stone is not touching the water, as some stones can be toxic to ingest.

Blue Apatite for meditation

Also, many people use Apatite during meditation to help clear the mind and promote focus. Essentially, using it in this manner can induce a trance-like mental state.

As a result, it is an amazing crystal to use for practicing mindfulness.

As a result, many Tarot readers will turn to Apatite to help the quality of their readings. Using Apatite while reading Tarot cards can help provide messages more clearly.

As a result, readings helped by Appatite may be more accurate. Apatite will help Tarot readers better to understand the meaning of words on the cards.

Taking Care of Apatite

Cleaning Apatite 

Apatite is a delicate crystal that can become brittle and sensitive to rough handling. Therefore, it should be used with care, especially when cleaning.

As it is fragile, a gentle cleaning routine is the best choice for removing dirt and debris. 

A gentle soap and lukewarm water will clean it well without disturbing the surface of the stone. You can use a soft cloth to prevent chipping or scratches.

Avoid using brushes, brillo pads, or anything abrasive. 

Charging Apatite

It is safe to use Apatite in water cleansing rituals. Place the crystal in salt water and leave it to sit to remove old energy from its vibration.

Another option is to leave it in a bowl of salt. Sea salt is the best option when cleansing any crystal since it is natural, unlike some table salts.

The full moon is the perfect occasion to charge Apatite. It will draw power from the moon’s rays and amplify its properties, making it even more potent.

During this moon cycle, you can place Apatite outside somewhere safe. Just make sure it’s somewhere where it will directly come into contact with the moon’s rays.

While charging this stone, it will also cleanse its aura. The Apatite will pick up the vibrations around it. As a result, the moon’s energy will saturate the Apatite with positive energy. 

Burying Apatite carefully in the ground will give it an extra charge. Basically, it will soak up the energy from the earth and raise its frequency. One should take care to mark where they buried it to avoid losing the crystal.

Apatite and Other Crystals

Apatite can work well with a variety of other stones. It works best when paired with a crystal that compliments its energy. There are many options to choose from when partnering Apatite with another crystal.

Black Onyx

Apatite is amazing for exploring psychic intuition and receiving guidance from above. When combined with Black Onyx, the user can benefit from an added security layer.

This can even provide protection from psychic attacks. Black Onyx can absorb negative energy and create a protective shield from bad vibrations.

Black Onyx has amazing grounding potential. In essence, it can balance the effects of Apatite and prevent the Third Eye Chakra from becoming overactive.

Together they make a good team, and their unique properties are even better when they are paired together.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is often considered to be the “master” healer and is a transformative crystal. Like Apatite, it provides great clarity and healing.

When they are placed together, it doubles their powers and expands consciousness to a high level. Alone they are incredible. Together they become a powerhouse.

When Clear Quartz and Apatite are used together, they become an unstoppable force. Clear Quartz will remove stagnant energy. In turn, this will make room for Apatite to work its magic.

Within this space, Apatite can bring abundant and healthy energy to whoever needs it. When they are used together, the flow of energy becomes almost electric – it’s simply magnificent!


Similar to Apatite, Turquoise stimulates the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. It delivers sacred, healing energy and has been used for centuries as holy jewelry. It has the properties of wholeness, integrity, and wisdom. 

Use Turquoise and Apatite together to double the healing of the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. The energy centers will receive a boost from the pairing of Turquoise and Apatite. When communication and intuition issues arise, using Turquoise and Apatite is the perfect remedy.

Lapis Lazuli

Favored by the Ancient Egyptians, Lapis Lazuli has been used by priests and holy healers for thousands of years. It is the stone of mysticism, transformation, and self-awareness. It can stimulate inner vision and create peace and harmony.

Again, this stone can be used to activate the Third eye and Throat Chakra in a similar way to Apatite. As they are both highly spiritual stones, they work perfectly together in areas such as meditation. They both elevate spiritual wisdom and knowledge of the Universe.  


Citrine is the perfect gem for goal setting and generating luck. It compliments Apatite well as they are both prosperous stones. Citrine is perfect for turning dreams into reality. 

Apatite and Citrine work in harmony with one another. Like Apatite, Citrine activates the Solar Plexus. When used as one, they restore self-worth feelings and triple the confidence of the person who uses it. 

Where to Buy Blue Apatite

When buying crystals, always make sure to choose a reputable supplier to ensure your crystals are both beautiful and high quality. 

One very reputable seller is You can see their shop description below!

Healing Crystals was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing affordable and quality crystals worldwide. Our Mission is to “Promote Education and the Use of Crystals to Support Healing”. We sort, pick and pack all of our crystals with great care. We also offer a special Prayer to each crystal and include it with every order. Many of our customers express that they can feel the difference in our stones. Give us a try and tell us what you think!

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In Conclusion

Apatite has several benefits and remarkably powerful stone. Magic and wonder fill this stone with wonderful healing energy. Anyone who wishes to benefit from it will see that it exceeds their expectations.

Physically it is an impressive gemstone. Many cultures around the world praise apatite for its beauty. It would make a perfect addition to anyone’s crystal collection.

The emotional benefits of Apatite are second to none. Using this stone can result in the below effects.

  • Improved self-image.
  • Psychic abilities.
  • Increased knowledge.
  • More clarity.
  • Better focus.

It truly is the healing stone. This crystal is nourishing and full of a large amount of healing energy. Apatite will nurse whoever needs it back to perfect spiritual and emotional health in no time at all.

Apatite is one of the most generous of the crystals. It goes out of its way to help those who come into its vortex. It offers a service and a helping hand to everyone without question.

All crystals are beautiful and amazing in their own right, and Apatite is no exception. Many around the world are beginning to discover the power of this breathtaking stone. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

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