Aquarius Birthstone [Ultimate Crystal Guide]

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The primary Aquarius birthstone is Amethyst, and the sign’s other birthstones include Garnet, Merlinite, Amber and Blue Obsidian. 

In this article, we will cover the Aquarius sign in detail, with a focus on each Aquarius birthstone.

Aquarius Sign Quick Facts

  • Birthday: January 20th-February 19th
  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Colors: Light-Blue, Silver
  • Day: Saturday
  • Ruler: Uranus
  • Most Compatible Signs: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius
  • Least Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29, 717

Aquarius Traits

Aquarians are fun loving individuals who like throw their own little twist into everything they do.

Ruled by the chaotic Uranus, Aquarians use all that energy and emotion to forge their own path in life.

This is often regardless or in spite of the trends that others have set for them. In fact, you can often spot an Aquarius by the eccentric style of the clothes they wear.

They relish the bizarre and often have unconventional hobbies. At the same time, they despise authority and will buck any opinion that cramps their creativity.

In essence, Aquarians love to express themselves. More than that, the want others to see them for who they are, not for who they’re expected to be.

Sometimes this means that they can be a little fickle. It also means they value the paths of other people.

Your hobbies might not be ones they would’ve chosen on their own, but an Aquarius will try anything once.

It takes time to figure out who you are. Aquarians, however, blow through this task like nobody else.

They like to keep busy and get bored without constant stream of things to do. Sometimes that means they flit from thing to thing/ The wackier, the better.

As a friend and lover, they value honesty above all else, and don’t tend to take themselves too seriously.


The Aquarius is a humanitarian through and through. They love to entertain and care a lot about the other people in their lives.

They’re excellent listeners and that means an Aquarius is a good friend to have if you’re feeling down.

On top of that, they have a strong sense of who they are or at least some kind of direction.

Even if they’re not sure who they want to be yet, they value the freedom to figure that out.

Many Aquarians are quite creative and gravitate towards hobbies and professions that let them put their skills to good use.

They relish challenges and crave new experiences. Usually, that includes the experiences and perspectives of others.

They tend to blow through tasks at a faster rate than some others.


That chaotic energy they use to fuel everything they do can sometimes backfire. 

Aquarians can be emotional, stubborn, and hot-tempered.

Trying to convince an Aquarius to try doing something your way is a little like trying to push a ten ton elephant with your bare hands.

They do what they want when they want and sometimes they end up rushing into things because of it.

Additionally, their emotions are often less guarded than they could be. That means they don’t handle perceived betrayal well.

It often doesn’t matter if you meant it that way or not, at least not at first. They’re big thinkers and that can lead them to over analyze.

Do you remember that embarrassing moment ten years ago?

Well, an Aquarius does and, chances are, it’s keeping them up at night, along with all the other noise in their head.

In short, an Aquarius can be as overwhelming to themselves as they are to those around them.  

Main Aquarius Birthstone

amethyst aquarius birthstone

Much like everything else about Aquarians, the choices of an Aquarius birthstone are many. Different individuals will mesh better with certain stones than others.

That said, amethyst is the most common Aquarius birthstone.

Amethyst is a purple form of quartz and that makes it great at absorbing and manipulating energy.

The violet color also hints at this gemstone’s other worldly qualities.

This stone is an excellent choice for those who are trying to break through their psychic barriers.

It makes a good healing stone and has many protective properties.

Amethyst helps those who work with it purify not only their spaces, but their thoughts as well.

For the most part, it’s great at relieving stress and can smooth over anger, sadness, and anxiety.

That means it helps with the sometimes seesawing emotions Aquarians can face.

Aquarius Birthstone Properties

Energy Manipulation

Aquarians have tons of energy to burn. Amethyst laps that energy up.

An Aquarius can use amethyst to help manipulate their excess mind noise into something more productive.

Since this stone is a purple form of quartz, it can take all the excess oomph and help its user focus on one project at a time.

This stone helps bring silence to a noisy mind. It can even use that overflow to power whatever project its keeper has chosen to commit to.

This increases productivity and lowers distractions for creators.

That includes artists, writers, and designers alike. In short, amethyst is a great stone for those who pursue the arts.

It’s also good for anyone who might have a bit too much going on in their head.

Increase Psychic Awareness and Intuition

The purple color that amethyst is famous for gives us a hint at one of its main metaphysical properties.

In simple terms, this stone is amazing at anything involving psychic abilities. The energy of amethyst connects straight to the crown chakra.

(hint: for more info about chakra crystals, check out THIS comprehensive guide)

That means it can help its user open and maintain their third eye. We know what you’re thinking and, no. This isn’t about seeing ghosts or predicting the future.

There are many cool benefits to opening your own awareness that aren’t quite so Hollywood.

The most overlooked of these perks is an increase in intuition. With all the shifting winds of the Aquarius mind, knowing where to steer can be very useful.

Another benefit of heightened intuition is the ability to empathize.

Aquarians can often be introverts, but they also love spending time with other people. Amethyst can help them have more productive relationships with those they love. 

Smooth Over Emotions

The life of an Aquarius is wrought with emotion. This is partly because they have so much energy. It’s also because they form strong bonds with the other people in their lives.

They aren’t often as guarded as some of the other signs and that makes them easy to hurt.

It takes very little to send an Aquarius into an emotional tailspin. When that happens, amethyst can help Aquarians stop, regroup, and center themselves.

It’s a lot easier to see things clearly without as much pent up emotion bristling over the soul.

This stone works well for people crunching toward the end of a deadline or anyone frustrated with a significant other.

It can help reduce stress levels and promote a sense of calm. Amethyst absorbs its keeper’s negative emotions and reworks them into something more positive. 

This effect is even further enhanced when using Amethyst in its raw form. 

It also helps an Aquarius find and maintain balance.

In essence, this is a stone that helps people stay steady through the ups and downs life throws at us.

How Does Amethyst Help Your Body?

There are many ways amethyst helps to support your mind and body. We’ve already talked about the ways this stone may help your spiritual health.

To recap, many people believe amethyst may help balance emotions and bring a sense of calm to those who work with it.

Indeed, mankind has been aware of it’s benefits for centuries.

In Ancient Rome, people believed this stone was so powerful it could prevent its keeper from getting drunk.

 It can help balance the spiritual health of those who work with it, and increase intuition. This makes it easier for this stone’s keeper to better predict and combat problems as they arise.

There are lots of different ways to use amethyst in your personal healing journey. You can meditate with it or place it on affected areas.

There are even water bottles inlaid with this stone for sale on common sites like Amazon.

Some people even add amethyst into their bath water as part of a sea salt scrub. In short, many people report health benefits from this violet colored stone.

With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that none of these effects have been proven by science.

The use of crystals in alternative medicine isn’t meant to replace the advice of a trained healthcare professional.

If you’re suffering from any kind of ailment, it’s best to seek medical help in addition to or in place of other measures. Never assume any one crystal is the end all of your health journey.

How to Use the Amethyst Aquarius Birthstone

People the world over have fallen in love with the amethyst because it’s one of the easiest gemstones to use. 

Someone at the beginning of their gemstone journey can still get the same results as someone who’s been working with crystals for years.

You can do things as formal or informal as you like. That might look like a full on meditation with candles, incense, and a cozy pillow.

Or it might mean setting an amethyst geode on your windowsill to reflect the warmth of the sun into your home.

There are even water bottles with gemstones built into the base to help infuse the energy into your body.

Of course, there’s any proven science behind these bottles. If the idea of drinking rock water sounds silly, you can try adding amethyst into your bath water instead.

Not only does this make for a relaxing evening, it can  for an extra cleansing scrub. You might even carry a stone in your pocket or wear amethyst jewelry.

The way you use your chunk of this purple quartz is going to depend on your comfort level, time, and how much you enjoy a more ritualized practice.

How to Cleanse and Recharge Amethyst

With few exceptions, gemstones do a better job for you if they’re cleansed and recharged from time to time.

This is especially true of quartz type gemstones that absorb a lot of energy. Amethyst is no different.

Cleansing your stone can be as simple as wishing the energy away.

Or it can be as complicated as submerging the crystal in sea salt and water and then letting it dry in sun or moonlight.

Everyone does things a little bit different. Keep in mind that certain stones are less durable than others. Some crystals will dissolve in water or change colors when exposed to heat. Be careful to do your research on any crystal you intend to use before beginning a cleansing. In the case of amethyst, most methods will do.

You can use the saltwater trick or opt for a more air based cleanse like using a bit of sage to smudge the stone. 

If none of these methods are available to you, you can visualize the negative energy evaporating into thin air.

A nice sunny windowsill will help dry and recharge your crystal. Alternatively, you could picture good energy returning into the stone.

While this can seem silly at first, taking care of your crystals is an important part of using crystals in emotional and physical healing.

Best Aquarius Birthstone For You?

Amethyst is a stone that works well for many, but no crystal in existence works the same with every person.

You might not jive with a certain gemstone and that’s okay. There are somewhere to the tune of 200 different kinds of crystals known on this Earth.

That means that there are plenty of alternatives. That said, when it comes to amethyst, it tends to work especially well with Aquarians.

That’s because it helps pull off some of the excess energy they put off. To an Aquarius, a piece of amethyst can provide balance to energy that’s always jostling to be different from the rest of the pack.

What if Amethyst Doesn’t Vibe With You as an Aquarius Birthstone?

So you’ve tried working with amethyst and no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to have any benefit for you.

It’s possible you don’t feel the energy or your body doesn’t seem to get the same benefits as others?

There are people, Aquarians included, who don’t work well with this gemstone. That said, there are a couple things you can do before you decide amethyst isn’t your ideal Aquarius Birthstone. 

Give it More Time

It’s possible that you’re not feeling anything because your own awareness is still dormant.

Spiritual enlightenment isn’t a race and everyone awakens at different speeds. If you’ve picked this stone up and it doesn’t respond immediately, don’t give up.

You may need more time to build a relationship with your chosen gem. Do your best to keep at it.

Even if you’ve been working with amethyst for a while, it might not be that you don’t connect with this kind of crystal. Sometimes we need to be patient.

Try a New Approach

With so many ways to use this stone, a lack of connection could be because of the method you’re using.

If you’re a big meditator and you’ve just got half a geode on your mantle, you might want to take it down and work with it a bit.

This works the other way too. You might be trying too hard to force a connection when a less intensive approach would work better.

An amethyst worry stone might be what you need to help balance the ups and downs of your emotions.

It’s important to try different methods with any stone before deciding it doesn’t work for you.

Try a New Stone

Another possibility is that you’re working with the wrong stone. Each point, tumbled rock, and geode has its own life, its own soul.

You might have the wrong piece.  Different forms of this gem such as a raw point or a faceted necklace have different kinds of energy.

If you’ve been grinding away at a particular chunk of amethyst and you’re not getting as far as you hoped, try finding a new piece. 

Of course, if you’ve tried all that and amethyst still isn’t working for you, it might be time to test out a new crystal. 

Other Aquarius Birthstones

Each Aquarius is a unique individual with different needs, wants, and goals. That’s part of their fun.

The good news is that, like with everything else about Aquarians, they have a lot of birthstones to choose from.

If you’ve done everything you can and a particular stone still doesn’t work for you, you can try another one.

Chances are there’s a stone out there that’s a perfect match for you.

Aquarius Birthstone #2: Garnet

garnet Aquarius birthstone

Amethyst connects best as the Aquarius birthstone for February, but Garnet is a perfect match for those who are born in January.

Your typical garnet is a deep red, though they come in a range of colors from red to brown, pink, and even purple.

Much like its zodiac cousin, Garnet rejuvenates and purifies. It helps balance or enhance emotion when necessary.

It also has its own protective qualities. Garnet inspires love and devotion which are both qualities that Aquarians value.

It brings hope and courage and is even said to help get the fire going within. In other words, garnet helps with sex drive, metabolism, and flushing out toxins.

Aquarius Birthstone #3: Merlinite

Photo by James St. John, CC BY 2.0

Aquarians are always striving to break themselves away from the crowd. What better way to be cool and different than to work with a stone called Merlinite?

Much as its name suggests, Merlinite is a powerful stone that opens psychic centers and brings magic into its keeper’s life.

This black and white spotted stone helps us see the duality of light and the darkness.

This enhanced understanding of self makes it a beacon of luck and intuition.

One of the best ways it can help an Aquarius is its tendency to help us see ourselves the way someone else would.

This objective self view helps promote growth and understanding. 

Aquarius Birthstone #4: Amber 

amber aquarius birthstone

Amber is a yellow stone that connects with your solar plexus. It makes sense that this would be a crystal Aquarians find useful because it’s not a crystal at all.

Amber is fossilized resin. Uniqueness aside, this stone brings good luck and can help balance the mind.

It imbues peace to those in emotional upheaval and can dissipate negative energy. Amber helps overcome fears and boosts creativity.

That makes this the perfect stone for an Aquarius. Additionally, since amber is a stone that’s made over time, it can teach us the wisdom that comes only with patience.

With that wisdom comes confidence. 

Aquarius Birthstone #5: Blue Obsidian

Leave it to an Aquarius to work with another one of the stones that’s not really a stone. Blue obsidian is volcanic glass.

This unique crystal can only form through intense heat and pressure. As such, it can help its keeper stay steady and balanced through rough times.

It helps promote communication and understanding. Those who used blue obsidian on a regular basis may find they are better able to express themselves.

This stone boosts creativity and enhances its keeper’s awareness. That could mean literal awareness of your surroundings or intuition.

Ironically, blue obsidian is somewhat rare, but also available in a wide range of shops.  That’s because there are a lot of cheap glass knock offs.

Take care that your source only has the real deal and pick stones that are more gray than blue.  

Buy Aquarius Birthstone Pack

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