Angel Aura Quartz | Meaning & Properties [Ultimate Guide]

angel aura quartz

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Few stones are as instantly striking as Angel Aura Quartz.

In fact, its hard to pass by a shimmering piece of this quartz crystal without feeling an unavoidable urge to want to pick it up.

If you’ve ever seen it in real life, you’ll probably be able to relate to this urge. 

A piece of this crystal Quartz is truly an amazing site to behold. 

But beyond this stone’s obvious beauty, what is its meaning, and what are its properties? 

Angel Aura Quartz is much more than just eye candy. This exquisitely beautiful stone holds many powerful healing properties.

It can cleanse your aura, remove energy blockages, promote peace and tranquility, and MUCH more!

Overall, it is a wonderful stone that should be part of any serious crystal lovers collection.

As you will discover, its tremendous healing benefits make this crystal a powerful tool for many spiritual practices. 

After reading this article, you will have a solid foundation of information about this stone’s Quartz meaning, properties and uses.

That said, before you’re even done reading, we have no doubt you’ll want to grab some Angel Aura Quartz for your self!

What is Angel Aura Quartz?

Angel Aura Quartz is made when someone fuses various metals like platinum or silver onto clear quartz. 

This takes place at very high temperatures allowing the metal to bond with the crystal. 

Typically, silver and platinum are the main metals that one will bond to quartz to create Aura Quartz.

That said, those creating this crystal also sometimes use gold, as well as other trace metals. 

In essence, these metals are what gives Aura Quartz Quartz its trademark rainbow shimmer. 

Real vs. fake Angel Aura Quartz

One thing to note, is that there is also a cheaper, less authentic version of Aura Quartz.

While genuine Aura Quartz results from the process described above, there is a less authentic kind.

Sometimes, people cut corners, and make “fake” aura quartz my simply spraying quartz with metallic coating. 

The result is less spectacular than with higher quality, “real” aura quartz made from the fused metals. 

With the spray on coating, “fake” aura quartz lacks the beauty and iridescence of the real thing. 

Other types of Aura Quartz

Aside from Angel Aura, there are several other types of Aura Quartz crystals as well. 

Some of these include Aqua Aura, Titanium Aura, and Apple Aura. Generally, the names denote information about the coloration of the specific type of aura quartz. 

We will touch on these other types of Aura Quartz a little more in the next section. 


The first thing anyone is sure to notice about this stone is its incredible beauty. 

A piece of Angel Aura Quartz shimmers with a wonderful iridescence that contains all the colors of the rainbow. 

When you hold a piece of Aura Quartz, hues of yellow, orange, green, purple and pink dance across its surface. 

Even more striking, is the appearance of this stone under natural light. This seems to cause its colors to awaken and become even more vibrant. 

Angel Aura Quartz vs Clear Quartz

At first glance, a piece of this crystal might look similar to regular clear quartz. 

That is, until any light is reflected upon its surface. Suddenly, the stone lights up and its surface shimmers in a truly mesmerizing display. 

In fact, the shimmering rainbow hues of this crystal can be almost hypnotizing.

As a result, you may find yourself entranced by its beauty, and unable to look away. 

Often, people report that the stone has a somewhat blueish radiance to it.

Again, this is a result of the metals which people use to create this wonderful stone. 

It is not difficult to see where this stone gets its name. Its appearance is nothing short of magnificent.

In addition, it invokes a calming sense of angelic harmony. Hence, the word Angel is rather appropriate for its title. 

Appearance of other Aura Quartz types

aqua aura quartz

Again, there are indeed other types of Aura Quartz besides Angel Aura, and each varies in appearance. 

For example, Aqua Aura Quartz contains wonderful blue, turquoise and teal hues reminiscent of the ocean.

Similarly, Apple Aura Quartz gets its name from the beautiful, vibrant green tones that it contains. 

No matter which type, no one can deny the beauty of this amazing crystal.

Angel Aura Quartz Meaning

So, we know that this stone is stunning and beautiful.

Yet, as we will discover, the Aura Quartz meaning extends beyond just its appearance. 

As its name suggests, Angel Aura Quartz connects us to the divine angelic realm.

It is named after its similarity to the delicate gossamer angel wings. Thus, this stone represents all things divine, angelic, and of a higher realm. 

The many important meanings of Angel Aura Quartz

Lets dig a bit deeper into the Angel Aura Quartz meaning. 

This stone gives off feelings of joy, peace, harmony and bliss.

It represents our connection with those we love, and it allows us to form stronger bonds.  

this amazing stone symbolizes the serenity associated with angelic beings.

Powerful, yet stoic grace which angels possess are reflected in this stones enchanting nature.

In fact, you may notice angel numbers more frequently when using this stone. Commonly, this stone is associated with numbers 313, 1111, and 717

Beyond this, Angel Aura Quartz seems to possess a warm, radiant glow. This comforting glow invokes a powerful sense of protection to those around it. 

Overall, this stone’s connection to the divine realm casts an all-knowing, all-seeing gaze upon the world.

The stone truly symbolizes wisdom, as it shimmers with timeless knowledge and abundance. 

Angel Aura Quartz Properties

As you are beginning to discover, this stone is a wonder to behold. But what are its healing properties?

We discussed earlier how Aura Quartz is partly synthetic.

That is, the process involved in its creation (the fusing of metals) does require man-made actions.

Some crystal healing practitioners prefer to use only “natural” crystals in their practice. However, for many expert crystal users, this crystal is the once exception to this rule. 

This is because the stones incredibly healing properties simply cannot be ignored. 

So what are these amazing Angel Aura Quartz properties?

Connection to the Divine

an angel

As we mentioned, Angel Aura Quartz is particularly useful in connecting us with the angelic realm. 

So, what exactly does this mean?

In order to understand this property of the crystal, we must first understand what Angels are.

Additionally, it is important to understand how these celestial beings are positioned within the universe as a whole. 


Angels exist in a higher dimension that you or I. However, through meditation and the use of tools like crystals, we can connect ourselves to their realm.

The word angel simply means messenger. As such, angels do not possess the same type of free will as human beings. 

Simply put, angels are messengers of the divine will, and they carry out its purpose. 

Angels are therefore incredibly important bridges between the physical world, and the entire nature of being. 

Angelic Guidance

This stone allows us to ascend and communicate with the angelic realm. In doing so, this stone Quartz gives us a glimpse into our highest purpose. 

When using Angel Aura Quartz, it is not uncommon for one to even have visions of angelic beings. 

These beings guide us by providing important context into our lives, often in the form of visions of our past or future.

A useful way to understand this is to recall the beloved story of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.

In it, the main character is taken on a spiritual journey by three different angels. These angels show him his past, present and future. 

Though this is just a story, it shows us how angels can operate. They can show us what was, what is, and what might be.

In doing so, these celestial messengers can realign us with our true purpose. 

(another useful stone to consider when doing angel work, is Blue Calcite – you can learn about it HERE).

Angel Aura Quartz for protection

Angel Aura Quartz is also an exceptional stone when it comes to providing protection. 

Its wonderful radiance casts a warm, protective force field of energy in all directions.

This protective, high vibrational sphere, envelopes the entire surrounding area. Within its rays, shines a protective light of wisdom and compassion.

Thus, Angel Aura Quartz is a wonderful stone to keep around the house. Similarly, it is often adorned on jewelry. 

In part, this is surely due to its beauty. However, wearing it can provide one with powerful protection as well. 

A powerful force-field

Many people often think of Amethyst when they think of protection crystals. However, Angel Aura Quartz can be every bit as powerful of a protector. 

The warmth that emanates from this stone ensures that all things within its reach receive protection. 

This protection can extend to many different things. This can include protection from negative energy, and harmful intentions.  

Therefore, wherever we are, we should have a piece of this crystal nearby.

Similarly, it’s protective abilities make this stone a great gift. 

Knowing that our loved ones possess this amazing protection stone can give us some peace of mind. 

Meditative uses of Angel Aura Quartz

As you may know, crystals are excellent tools to incorporate into meditation, and this stone is certainly no exception!

As a meditative aid, it can help us elevate our vibrational frequencies.

This is particularly useful when it comes to chakra healing. Angel Aura Quartz isn’t often included in information about chakra crystal healing.

However, this stone does have a very powerful ability to target and align ones chakras. 

Enhancing the power of other stones

This is a result of its ability to tune us to higher vibrations. In doing so, it may actually enhance the ability of other crystals to open our chakras.

For this reason, Angel Aura Quartz is often used in combination with other crystals. 

Chakra healing is not the only meditative use for this stone. 

Many people also find that even keeping a piece of Angel Aura Quartz near them enhances meditation. 

This is because the energies from the stone allow one to reach deeper levels of concentration.

Similarly, the stone can assist one in finding deep states of meditation more quickly.

Angel Aura Quartz for relationships

This beautiful crystal also has the wonderful ability to assist in our relationships. 

This stone provides deep compassion to those who use it. This allows one to strengthen bonds with others. 

Similarly, this stone can help repair bonds that were once strong, but have since been weakened. 

This makes Angel Aura Quartz a wonderful stone when it comes to dating. 

Angel Aura Quartz for confidence

The light, calming energy can provide one with a sense of self confidence and self worth.

These are both important traits to have when it comes to forming healthy relationships.

In this way, aura quartz allows us to more clearly see the intentions of others. 

As a result, we can give ourselves more fully when we can trust that their intentions are positive. 

This makes this stone a truly beneficial resource for relationships of all kinds. 

Angel Aura Quartz for Creativity

As this stone can connect us to higher realms, it can also stimulate creativity.

It is thought that this effect is a result of giving us a higher level of perspective. 

Often, creative pursuits involve us tapping into many different categories of thought. 

When we are bogged down and hyper-fixated, we may become narrow minded. That is, we may lose our ability to connect seemingly unrelated ideas.

However, as we know, creativity often involves “thinking outside the box”. This crystal may actually help us be able to do just that.

By ascending our consciousness, this stone allows us to temporarily shed our earthly fixations.

Next time you are doing something creative, keep a piece of Angel Aura Quartz nearby and watch what happens!

Angel Aura Quartz for Problem Solving

We’ve all had the experience of fixating on a problem that just seems impossible to solve.

Whether its a life problem, or even an artistic pursuit, this is a common feeling.

We know that sometimes, the best solution is to walk away for a bit, or “sleep on it”.

Often, when we revisit the problem later, we instantly find a solution we couldn’t see before. 

In fact, this wonderful stone can stimulate this important change of perspective. 

By allowing us to connect with higher realms, it gives us the ability to see things objectively. 

Thus, problems that seemed too difficult to solve can become more manageable with this new perspective. 

Best Angel Aura Quartz for Sale

As we mentioned earlier, there is authentic Angel Aura Quartz, but there is also the fake variety. 

When purchasing this crystal for its healing properties, always be sure to buy the real thing.

Fake Angel Aura Quartz lacks the beauty and the powerful properties of the real thing.

In order to ensure you purchase real Angel Aura Quartz, always go with a reputable supplier.

One such supplier that we recommend is Rock Paradise. They are well know, and have thousands of positive reviews. 


As you have learned, Angel Aura Quartz is a stone that should be part of any crystal healer’s arsenal. 

By incorporating this stone into our daily life, we can benefit from its amazing properties. 

Protection? Check! Guidance? Check! Enlightenment? Check!

This stone seemingly does it all.

Once you have begun to use this stone in your healing rituals, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

A crystal’s benefits depend on its user

Of course, we always like to emphasize that crystal healing can be deeply personal.

In essence, the effects that one stone has might vary a bit from person to person. 

The benefits that one person gets from a particular stone may be partially unique to them.

Therefore, we always recommend that you try the stone out for yourself. 

In doing so, you may notice that certain effects are stronger for you than others. 

For example, one person may find that Angel Aura Quartz is great for protection. Another person may find that for them, it is better in meditation. 

So, whether you are considering this crystal for its beauty, power, or both, grab a piece of Angel Aura Quartz today!

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