3 Best Places to Buy an Amethyst Ring Online [2021]

different types of amethyst rings

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Whether it’s for an engagement ring, a statement piece, or part of your everyday look, a shimmering Amethyst ring is sure to make you glow! 

That said, buying jewelry online can be extremely daunting. With so many options out there, it can be hard to sort the real from the fake.

Luckily, our experts have searched far and wide for the most beautiful and affordable Amethyst ring. Overall, we’ve rated countless jewelry shops, and come up with this list of the top 3. 

When creating this list, we took into consideration things like overall ring quality, gemstone quality, and price. You can see the results below.

#1 Discovered (Discovered.us)

This is our first pick to buy an Amethyst Ring, and I’m you can see why! Firstly, Discovered.us has a huge selection of stunning Amethyst Rings to choose from.

In general, they offer a collection of gorgeous jewelry made by emerging artisans from around the world. For this reason, all of their pieces are uniquely beautiful. 

Not to mention, they’ve got tons of very positive reviews and ratings. Overall, we love this shop!

In summary, whether you are looking for a minimalist Amethyst ring or an Amethyst engagement ring, chances are you’ll find it here!

Their rings are offered in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. In addition, their Amethyst rings come with bands of stunning Gold, Silver, and more. 

Speaking of stunning, check out some of these gorgeous Amethyst Rings they carry. The rings below are the Gold-plated Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring and Multi-Shape Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring. Also, you can see the Pyramid Amethyst Ring:

amethyst ring on stand
Gold-plated Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring

Another beautiful Ring from this shop is this Multi-Shape Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring:

long multi-shape amethyst ring
Multi-Shape Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring
pyramid amethyst ring
Pyramid Amethyst Ring
amethyst oval ring
Oval Amethyst Ring

As you can see, their rings are truly gorgeous. One of our favorite aspects of Discovered.us is how they help up-and-coming artisans. Their artists come from countries like Thailand and Malaysia to promote their unique crafts.

They have tons of other jewelry too, in many different gemstones! We recommend browsing their site for yourself. We guarantee you’ll find something you like!


  • Large selection of gorgeous Amethyst Rings
  • Many other gemstone rings and jewelry in tons of styles and designs
  • They support small Artisans in emerging countries by providing a platform for their unique jewelry


  • Most of their Amethyst Rings are sleek & polished, but they don’t have too many rough or unpolished designs

Buy an Amethyst Ring from Discovered.us – Conclusion

In conclusion, the sleek & polished Amethyst rings from Discovered are simply breathtaking! We truly recommend browsing through their site, we’re sure you’ll find something you love!

They have tons of glowing reviews, and when you purchase from them, you’re helping to support local artisans in emerging countries. Check them out today!

#2 Rock Paradise (rockparadise.com)

As you may have seen in previous articles, we love Rock Paradise! Simply put, they are one of the best crystal and gemstone sellers in the world. Therefore it’s no surprise they’ve got awesome Amethyst rings. 

What we love about their jewelry is that it’s often made from raw, unpolished stones. If you are looking for a rough stone Amethyst Ring, you need to check them out!

While their selection of Amethyst Rings isn’t huge, the ones they do have are simply gorgeous. 

If you’re into the more regal look of raw crystals, these rings are for you!

Check out some of their beautiful Amethyst ring designs below. They include this Gold/Silver rough stone ring or this Electroplated Wooden edge Ring:

amethyst rings in gold and silver
Gold & Silver Rough Amethyst Rings
amethyst electroplated ring
Electroplated Wooden Edge Amethyst Ring

Rock Paradise specializes in crystals and gemstones, but they do have some awesome jewelry as well.

That said, their selection isn’t as big as some of the other choices on this list.

Still, they are fully worth checking out. In fact, we highly recommend just browsing through their site – their items are gorgeous!


  • Rock Paradise is a world-renowned gemstone seller with many glowing reviews
  • They have beautiful rough/unpolished Amethyst Rings
  • They have a massive selection of crystals & gemstones


  • Their selection of Amethyst Rings isn’t huge, many are out of stock
  • They don’t ship to several countries outside of the U.S

Buy an Amethyst Ring From Rock Paradise – Conclusion

While Rock Paradise has a few beautiful options, their ring selection isn’t huge. Additionally, quantities sometimes dwindle. Therefore, it is worth checking their site frequently to see what new items come in stock.

Still, it’s worth checking out their site in general!

#3 Mama Wunderbar (mamawunderbar.com

Mama Wunderbar is an awesome shop! They specialize in crystals and natural healing, but they do have some beautiful Amethyst Rings.

The rings they carry tend to be of the “raw” unpolished type. If you’re looking for a rough stone ring, you should check them out!

You can see a couple of their awesome rings below:

Amethyst Cluster Ring
Amethyst Cluster Ring
Amethyst Copper Ring
Amethyst Copper Ring

This shop has a few really nice rough amethyst rings. Again, if you’re looking for something polished, these may not be for you. That said, it’s totally worth looking through their collection to see for yourself!


  • A few very elegant, “raw” style Amethyst rings
  • A shop that specializes in quality gemstones


  • Very limited selection to choose from
  • Supplies may be low

Conclusion: Where to Buy an Amethyst Ring

Out of all the places to buy an Amethyst ring online, the winner is Discovered.us. We definitely recommend you check them out!

That said, all of the shops we’ve mentioned in this article are each extremely reliable and high-quality. We’ve picked them because of their amazing reviews. Furthermore, the quality of their gems and metals surpasses most other places we could find. 

Each of these shops sells one or more types of beautiful Amethyst rings. Furthermore, they are great sources of other crystal & gemstone jewelry. 

As mentioned above, the best place for you depends on what you’re looking for.

Some Amethyst rings are polished. That said, others are rough. Which do you prefer?

In conclusion, if want a sleek & polished Amethyst Ring, then Discovered is the place for you. However, if you’re looking for a rougher style, you should look at Rock Paradise.

If you’d like to check out general info on gemstones, check out or blog myessential-planet.com

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